The Authors

Steven F. Joseph is an independent scholar, based in Brussels. He researches and publishes on the subject of early photography in Belgium, and on photography applied to book illustration in the nineteenth century. He is the author of Belgian Photographic Literature of the 19th Century. A Bibliography and Census, published by Leuven University Press in 2015.

Tristan Schwilden was an antiquarian bookseller and photography dealer living in Brussels. He spent over 40 years researching early Belgian photography and co-authored (with Steven F. Joseph) a series of monographs on pioneering Brussels photographers. He also published reference works on René Magritte’s sheet music and commercial art.

Marie-Christine Claes is a scientist at the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage in Brussels. Doctoral thesis (2006) on the first Belgian photographer, Marcellin Jobard. Author of books and articles on the history of lithography and photography in Belgium, most recently Imprenditori dell’imagine : le vicende dei Tesini in Belgio (with Elda Fietta) and Le patrimoine de la Belgique vu par l’Occupant : un héritage photographique de la Grande Guerre (with Christina Kott).

Michiel Demaeght works at FOMU Antwerp on the team in charge of collection registration and research. He is a co-author of the Directory of Belgian Photographers, especially active in identifying and mining online and digital resources.