Antony - Permeke, Honoré



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  • Photographie Industrielle et Artistique (in Rue au Beurre)

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Ypres, 1844 - Enghien-les-Bains [Val-d'Oise, F], 1919


1887 * - 1893 / Ypres, Rue de Lille, 7
Honorius Emilius Angelus, ° 4.8.1844; + 2.9.1919. Married Marie "Léontine" Permeke in Poperinghe on 23.8.1882. Father of Maurice and Robert. Begun as a branch studio of the Brussels photographer Auguste Despret; opening advertised in March 1887 (Le Progrès, 24.3.1887). The Antony - Permeke family were domiciled at this address. No address given in the directories from 1893 to 1895. In all probability, Honoré ran the family's leatherware business while his wife Léontine took a leading role in the photography studio. Also see entry for Antony Permeke, Léontine (Madame).
1893 * - 1914 Ypres, Rue au Beurre, 11<93-04> or 37<96-14>
Successor: Antony Maurice
On the back of some CVs, Antony is in lower case and PERMEKE in upper case. The Antony - Permeke family were also domiciled at this address. Antony with no first name in the directories from 1896 to 1899. Honoré Antony - Permeke was described as "representative" of Auguste Despret (see that name) at this address (Journal d'Ypres, 11.3.1893). Subsequently he announced that he had taken over ownership as of 15.4.1897 following Despret's death "for whom he had travelled for 12 years". "Special establishment for large photographic commissions; copying and enlargement in carbon or painting". Branch studios in Bailleul [Nord, F], Rue d’Occident, 32 in 1899 ca, and in Hazebrouck [Nord, F], Grand Place, also in 1899 ca, both potential locations for Robert's apprenticeship.
When the future of the studio had been secured with the association of his sons, the title of the business tended to shift in advertisements: "Maison Antony - Permeke", branches in Bailleul, Hazebrouck and Poperinghe (Nieuwsblad van Yperen, 19.3.1904); "H.ré Antony - Permeke", branches in Bailleul and Poperinghe (Nieuwsblad van Yperen, 15.4.1905); "H. Antony - Permeke & Sons" Ypres and Poperinghe (De Poperinghenaar, 8.8.1909). The family Antony - Permeke left Ypres for France soon after war broke out in 1914, initially staying in Boulogne-sur-Mer [Pas-de-Calais, F]. Whilst Honoré Antony - Permeke died in France, his remains were disinterred on 15.11.1923 and reburied with his wife in Ypres.
1904 - 1905 Poperinghe, Rue d'Ypres, "premises of Mr Synaeve"
Advertisement at this address on 19.3.1904; address unspecified on 15.4.1905, so probably no continuous presence there. "On the occasion of First Communion, persons from Poperinghe who desire to pose in Ypres where there is a magnificent studio with decor and furniture will be refunded their train fare" (De Poperinghenaar, 2.4.1905).
1909 * - 1913 Poperinghe, Rue de l'Hôpital, 9 [Gasthuisstraat]
Studio on the premises of Ed. Roy - Deraedt for which there are advertisements from 14.3.1909 to 16.11.1913. "A handsome studio with furniture and decor has been set up. No portraits will be displayed without permission" (De Poperinghenaar, 8.8.1909).


1887 * - 1893 / Ypres, Rue de Lille, 7
1893 * - 1914 Ypres, Rue au Beurre, 11<93-04> or 37<96-14>
1904 - 1905 Poperinghe, Rue d'Ypres, "premises of Mr Synaeve"
1909 * - 1913 Poperinghe, Rue de l'Hôpital, 9 [Gasthuisstraat]


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