Atamian, Gomik Paul



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Constantinople [TR], 1878 - ?, ?


1902 * - 1903 / Bruxelles, Rue de la Violette, 35
Predecessor: Héron Adolphe Successor: Photographie L'Apollon
° 13.9.1878. Alias Gomik Mirguiditch. Sometimes transcribed "Atamiam". "Comik Miguirditch" at this address in the population register. Recorded as an artist-retoucher and photographer when he arrived at Rue de la Putterie, 23 coming from Paris [F] on 8.11.1900. Subsequently moved to Impasse de la Violette, 4 on 13.5.1901, then to Rue d'Or, 4 on 10.12.1901 before moving here on 9.12.1902. Left for Brussels - Watermael-Boitsfort on 14.3.1903.
1904 - 1907 Charleroi, Avenue de Waterloo, 58
Initials "P.G." in the directory. Witness at his sister's wedding in Charleroi on 30.5.1906 when he ("Paul") was recorded as a photographer aged 28 domiciled in Charleroi. The Charleroi population registry indicates that he left for Boussu.
1907 - 1908 Mons, Rue d'Havré, 63
Initials "G.P." in the directory. Atamian's career then took a colourful turn. Referred to in the press as "the Armenian fraudster", his activities were summarized thus: "He came to Charleroi where he exercised the profession of photographer which he abandoned in order to set up a circus that went bankrupt. After this unfortunate episode, he turned to fraud. For several years, he has been testing customs officials with disconcerting skill and flair. ...Atamian has mainly been living in Ypres, the centre of his operations (Journal de Charleroi, 12.3.1909). The law finally caught up with Atamian when he arrested near Verviers in June 1910 for transporting 400 litres of alcohol fraudulently imported into Belgium. Declaring that he lived in Angleur, Atamian was sentenced to four months imprisonment on 30.6.1910. The car was confiscated.
Atamian was registered in Aix-la-Chapelle / Aachen [D] after World War I where the French occupying forces prepared an expulsion order for him on 21.6.1921.


1902 * - 1903 / Bruxelles, Rue de la Violette, 35
1904 - 1907 Charleroi, Avenue de Waterloo, 58
1907 - 1908 Mons, Rue d'Havré, 63


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