Benschop, W. & Bogaerts, H.




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  • Société Belge des Portraits Bogaerts

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1900 * - 1902 / Bruxelles - Ixelles, Rue du Berger, 44 or 44-46
Short-lived partnership of Wilm Johan Marius Benschop (° Zwolle [NL], 20.4.1873; + The Hague [NL], 20.6.1963) and Hubertus Aloisius Henricus Maria Bogaerts (° Den Bosch [NL], 16.11.1869), eldest surviving son of Henri Bogaerts (see that name). The partnership aimed at marketing the "peinture Bogaerts" process which consisted of transferring a photographic image onto a light-sensitive canvas support which was then fixed and overpainted in oils. As such, it was the Brussels branch of a firm headquartered in Boxtel [NL]. "Bogaerts Portraits. Magnificent oil painting. Price, depending on size, from 15 to 500 francs. Request a prospectus" (Le Soir, 16.9.1900).
Both Benschop and Bogaerts were recorded as artists. Bogaerts left the Netherlands for Brussels on 30.4.1900. At his wedding in The Hague [NL] on 22.6.1901, Wilm Benschop was recorded as an industrialist living in Brussels - Ixelles. Hubert Bogaerts was a member of the "Cercle photographique d'Ixelles" ("Bogaert"). Despite listing in successive directories, the duration of operations here was curtailed, with the premises recorded as empty in 1902-1903 and occupied by a tailor in 1904.
1902 * Bruxelles, Rue de la Montagne, 20-24
Transfer of office and studio to this address announced on 15.3.1902. Bogaerts probably operated here alone after separating from Benschop. "Portraits painted in oils on canvas in natural colours. Prices from 15 fr." Finished work signed "Bogaerts, Bruxelles", notably a portrait of the poet Guido Gezelle after a studio portrait taken in Courtrai by Gustave Macaire (see that name) in March 1889. J. Tremmery - Jacqueloot (° Courtrai, 28.8.1855; + Courtrai, 24.4.1927) was a representative of the firm in Courtrai, and opened an exhibition of Bogaerts process paintings in Groote Markt, 16 on 5.7.1902. Bogaerts returned to the Netherlands on 31.12.1902 upon the death of his father and it must be assumed that the firm ceased trading directly in Belgium by early 1903, despite the two principals featuring in the 1903 directory - Bogaerts at this address and Benschop in Rue du Berger.


1900 * - 1902 / Bruxelles - Ixelles, Rue du Berger, 44 or 44-46
1902 * Bruxelles, Rue de la Montagne, 20-24


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