Boute, Eugène



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  • Photographie d'art (in Brussels)

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  • Professional


Life dates

Ghent, 1867 - Pamel, 1942


1895 - 1907 / Gand, Rue du Soleil, 6
Predecessor: Boute - Dooreman Veuve Henri Successor: Boute Théophile
Eugène Joseph, ° 6.12.1867. Son of Henri Boute (see that name). On his father’s death certificate of 11.4.1894, Eugène was already recorded as a photographer domiciled in Ghent, Rue de Brabant, presumably his parents’ house and studio. At this address by June 1895 and thereafter operated here as Boute Frères from 1896 until his departure for Brussels. Also see entry for his younger brother Théophile.
1904 * - 1914 Bruxelles, Rue Royale, 134
These premises, comprising a studio and large exhibition space, were designed by Léon Sneyers (see that name) and inaugurated under the names "Galerie Boute" or "Les Galeries Modernes" in November 1904. It soon became a leading portrait studio in Brussels and was patronized by the royal family.The gallery was the venue for the fifth exhibition of the pictorialist group "L'Effort" that opened on 15.7.1905.
Eugène Boute did not transfer his domicile from Ghent to this address until 6.11.1907. On 13.2.1908, he moved to Rue de l'Ecuyer, 35, then returned to Rue Royale, 134 on 3.2.1910. He married Françoise Caroline Wijk, future sculptress and painter, in Brussels on 27.12.1911. A photograph dating from c. 1910 states: "The studio has acquired the negatives of Ghémar and Géruzet Frères". Later announced that it had acquired Fabronius’ negatives. "Window display" at this address in the 1914 directories, leaving open whether the premises were still being used as a photography studio. Around this time, at this address, mounts include a crown, indicating a royal patent, and the phrase "Photographe du Roi".
1907 * - 1911 Bruxelles, Rue de l'Ecuyer, 35
Predecessor: Géruzet Frères [1]
Domiciled at this address from 13.2.1908 to 3.2.1910. "Mr Boute's new installation, in the fully renovated premises formerly occupied by the Géruzet photography firm, gives proof of the artist's touch in its exquisite lay-out. Fine Louis XVI furniture decorates the exhibition rooms where work by the master photographer is hung" (Le Soir, 18.10.1907).
1913 - 1914 Bruxelles, Avenue Louise, 41
Predecessor: Buyle Gustave; Maison Fabronius (negatives)
Studio taken over by René Lonthie (° Wavre, 24.3.1889; + Brussels - Forest, 3.7.1959) in 1924.


1895 - 1907 / Gand, Rue du Soleil, 6
1904 * - 1914 Bruxelles, Rue Royale, 134
1907 * - 1911 Bruxelles, Rue de l'Ecuyer, 35
1913 - 1914 Bruxelles, Avenue Louise, 41


Ghent, 1895; Brussels, 1896; Courtrai, 1897; Ghent, 1899 (no forename); Effort, 1901; Ghent, 1903 (no forename); Ghent ABP, 1903; Effort, 1904; Saint Louis, 1904 (no address); Berlin, 1905; Effort, 1905; Genoa, 1905; Liège, 1905 (gold medal diploma); Ghent, 1913 (diploma of honour).

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Association belge de Photographie

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1895 - 1907

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