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1892 * - 1913 Bruges
Founded on 9.2.1892. Originally an offshoot of the "Excelsior" literary society. President: Commander Algrain; vice-president: Abbé Van Speybrouck; committee members: Count de Ruffo Bonneval, Maurice Renard, Abbé Souriau. 20 founder members. Collective slide show at the "Société civil et militaire" on 25.3.1893, featuring work by Algrain, de Ruffo Bonneval and Renard. Organized a joint exhibition with the "Société Photographique de Courtrai" which was held first in Courtrai in August 1894 and then in Bruges in December 1894. Premises first in Krom Genthof, then Place Simon Stévin in 1901 (Hotel "de Gouden Hoorn"), then Place de la Monnaie (Gouden Arend) in 1905, then Rue Saint-Georges, 1 inaugurated on 7.7.1906.
In 1893, President: Commander Algrain; vice-president: Count de Ruffo Bonneval; secretary: Maurice Renard; treasurer: Abbé Souriau. Algrain resigned the presidency in July 1897. In 1899 Maurice Renard was recorded as president. In 1903, President: Count de Ruffo Bonneval; Vice-President: Dr Leun; Secretary: Sherrington. In 1904, President: Count de Ruffo Bonneval; Secretary: Alphonse Formanoir de la Cazerie (+ 4.2.1904) followed by Henry Limbourg. In 1904-1905, honorary president: Lieutenant-Colonel Algrain; president: Count de Ruffo Bonneval; vice-presidents: Dr A. Leun and Laviolette; secretary: Ludovic Fraeys; deputy secretary and treasurer: Abbé Souriau; librarian: Abbé Van Speybrouck; commissioners: R. Coppieters 't Wallant, M. de Bromver and H. Gecele.
In 1904, 57 members. Published a monthly magazine "Vers L'Art" from December 1905 to 1907. Subsequent activities appear to be little documented. Aimé Leun was president by 1909. Alphonse Van Besten gave a slide show with autochromes to the club at the Pathé cinema on the Grand'Place on 14.12.1913. The club was dissolved after World War I and its equipment sold off in 1922.


1892 * - 1913 Bruges


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MICHIELS, Guillaume. "De Brugse 'Cercle Photographique' en de kunstfotografie omstreeks 1900", Uit de wereld der Brugse mensen: de fotografie en het leven te Brugge 1839-1918. Brugge, 1978, pp. 61-64.




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