Colbert, J.J.L.



Person (Male)

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  • Photographie d'Art (in Tournai)

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  • Professional


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Antwerp, 1866 - ?, ?


1890 * - 1901 / Tournai, Rue Royale, 58<90-98> then 72<99-01> or 70<00>
Successor: Van de Cruys Victor
Jean Jacques Laurent, ° 6.6.1866. Recorded as a photographer domiciled in Antwerp, but living in Charleroi, since November 1888, at the occasion of his marriage in Antwerp on 10.4.1890. Recorded in the Antwerp population register that he left for Verviers on 5.6.1890. Seems to have used several different initials interchangeably. Signed his marriage certificate and a 1892 invoice with the initial "L.". Interlaced initials "JC" on some photographs and "J.J.L. Colbert" on others. On CV, "Colbert", no initial, at no. 58, c. 1898. Also on mounts, "established 1890". Announced in April 1899 that he had just signed an 18-year lease with his landlord, as proof of his commitment to his Tournai studio. "Posing studio on ground floor" (Le Courrier de l'Escaut, 12.4.1900). Colbert had a Dutch studio apprentice named Francis Kramer (° Utrecht [NL], 5.3.1878; + Utrecht, 24.4.1965) from 1896 who left to set up a branch studio in Lille [F] in 1899. Kramer went on to run a portrait studio in his native Utrecht, 1905-1942. Transfer of studio to Van de Cruys by December 1901, even though Colbert was still listed in directories until 1904.
1899 - 1905 ca Renaix
On CV, "Colbert", no initial, Tournai - Renaix, dated 10.2.1899, indicating an overlap or association of the two locations. In 1906, Colbert was recorded as a photographer living in Versailles [Yvelines, F], Rue Hoche, 15. He was still alive when his wife ("Madame Jean Colbert") died in December 1937 in Saint-Eugène (current day Bologhine) [Algeria] when domiciled at Rue Maréchal-Foch, 138.


1890 * - 1901 / Tournai, Rue Royale, 58<90-98> then 72<99-01> or 70<00>
1899 - 1905 ca Renaix


Tournai, 1896; Groningen, 1901.

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