Comptoir de Photographie [Ghent & Bruges]




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  • Comptoir photographique Julien Declercq; Comptoir de Photographie Julien Declercq; Comptoir Général de Photographie

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1888 - 1914 Gand, Rue de Flandre, 9
"Firm founded in 1883". Perhaps trading at this address before 1888. Director: Julien De Clercq, who was the owner from 1904 onwards. Previously Polydore Wauters was the owner; letterhead as "Comptoir Général de Photographie" at this address and Blankenberge, dated 14.9.1900, signed A. Deplancke. Briefly passed to Wauters, [P.] & Masquelier, [A.], still trading as "Comptoir Général de Photographie" in 1901-1902. See also Alfred Herremans. Manufacturer and supplier of optical instruments and cameras. All kinds of photographic supplies: cameras, lenses, papers, card mounts, plates, and all brands of chemicals. Specialised in cameras and photographic supplies suitable for the tropics: "Request our colonial catalogue with instructions" (La Tribune congolaise et La Gazette ouest-africaine, 6.8.1914). The firm was still trading in 1933 at Limburgstraat 14.
1895 - 1900 Blankenberghe, Rue de l'Eglise, 31
"Photographic supplies. Oxygen" (Le Petit Bleu du Matin, 7.9.1895). Coexisted at this address with the portrait studio of "Photographie Viennoise [Blankenberge]" (see entry) which seems to have traded subsequently as an independent entity while maintaining its role as an outlet for supplies from "Comptoir Général de Photographie" in Ghent.
1904 - 1910 Bruges, Rue Sud du Sablon, 13<08-10>
Manager in 1907-1908: J. or F. Vercauteren. "Comptoir Photographique Julien Declercq". "The souvenir album for the inauguration of the ports of Bruges [= Zeebrugge], on the initiative of Mr J. Vercauteren, the Bruges manager of "Comptoir Photographique [Julien] Declercq", will be the most splendid and the most precious seasonal gift book" (Le Reveil des Flandres, 20.12.1908). The work contained 260 photographs, views, reportages and portraits, printed in collotype on the presses of Maurice Herreboudt (see that name); the title page bears the double credit "Photographs by the Comptoir Photographique Bruges, Julien De Clercq, Ghent. Representative in Bruges, Mr F. Vercauteren".
1911 - 1914 Gand, Rue Basse des Champs, 27 [Nederkouter]
Coexisted with Rue de Flandre, 9.


1888 - 1914 Gand, Rue de Flandre, 9
1895 - 1900 Blankenberghe, Rue de l'Eglise, 31
1904 - 1910 Bruges, Rue Sud du Sablon, 13<08-10>
1911 - 1914 Gand, Rue Basse des Champs, 27 [Nederkouter]


Antwerp (CEPSA), 1903.

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