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‘s Hertogenbosch [NL], 1827 - ?, 1901 >


1861 * / Bruxelles, Rue de l'Etuve, 4
Also Piet Jan / Petrus Johannes, ° 2.1.1827. Itinerant photographer. Arrived from Rotterdam [NL] on 15.3.1861 and left for Brussels - Ixelles on 17.5.1861. He had lived in Brussels - Molenbeek in 1851. Originally blacksmith and confectioner. Active as a daguerreotypist in Rotterdam in partnership with Gustave Larauza in 1856 and then from 1859 to 1862 with Antonius Böeseken at Hang, 422. Arrived in Tilburg [NL] from Rotterdam on 5.2.1866 and left for Brussels on 20.7.1866.
1865 - 1873 Bruxelles, Rue de l'Ecuyer, 38
Predecessor: Baron Albert (& Cie)  Successor: Ganz Julien
Witness at a wedding in Brussels in June 1867, "Pierre-Jean Cornelis" was recorded as a photographer aged 40 resident in Brussels. On CVs and in trade directories, "Cornelisse" with no initial. Also on CV, c. 1867, "E. Cornelisse", bearing this address and Rotterdam, Wagestraat. Other branches in Rotterdam, Wagestraat, also named Westewagenstraat, 1866-1869; 1871-1896, and in Tilburg [NL] from 1866.
Cornelisse advertised "For sale in Brussels, one of the leading photography establishments, with full inventory, 3500 guilders" (Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, 30.3.1867). Thereafter, the studio would appear to have been run by Emile Hergel, who adopted the additional surname "Cornelisse" to emphasize continuity of operations, even though he was not registered at this address, until a move to Rue Neuve, 22 in late 1873 or early 1874. For the studio's subsequent existence in Brussels, see entry for Emile Cornelisse - Hergel.
After operating in Brussels, Cornelisse returned to the Netherlands, where he was registered in Tilburg from 1866 to 1877, Deventer from 1877, then The Hague. Pierre-Jean Cornélis [sic] was also recorded as a photographer arriving in Brussels, Rue au Beurre, 12 coming from Brussels - Saint-Gilles on 21.7.1874, before moving to Boulevard du Nord, 93 on 25.9.1875 and returning to Brussels - Saint-Gilles on 12.6.1876. On Cornelisse(n)'s return to Rotterdam from Buenos Aires [ARG] in January 1894 he no longer worked as a photographer. He left Rotterdam for Liège in April 1898. Cornelisse [sic] left Liège and moved to Brussels, Rue de la Violette, 31 renumbered 35 on 2.2.1899, joining his son Adolphe Héron and undoubtedly supporting him professionally. Registered at this address as a journeyman photographer, he left for Brussels - Saint-Josse on 19.11.1901.


1861 * / Bruxelles, Rue de l'Etuve, 4
1865 - 1873 Bruxelles, Rue de l'Ecuyer, 38


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