Delanoeye, Constant



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Beerst, 1829 - Furnes, 1903


1866 Furnes, Zuidstraat
Constantinus, ° 17.6.1829; + 21.2.1903. Brother of Benjamin Ivo Delanoeye - Vanduyfhuis (see that name). Sometimes printed "Delanoeije" or "Delanoeyd" on CVs; no street address on CVs. Previously a brewer (the family profession), "He takes portraits, at prices affordable to all, on cartes de visite, medallions, etc., on glass, canvas and paper. Daguerreotypes copied" (Het Advertentieblad van Veurne, 31.3.1866). It is unclear whether Delanoeye's activity as a professional photographer in Furnes over the following three decades was continuous or intermittent. He was recorded as a postman in February 1867.
1868 Furnes, Groote Markt, "Café Français"
"He will also operate on Mondays in Dixmude, in the "Tafelronde", and on Tuesdays in Nieuport, Groote Markt, "Hôtel de Papegaie" (Het Boterkuipje, 8.11.1868 & 20.12.1868). In August 1869 Delanoeye was recorded as running a coffee house on the Grand Place, probably this same establishment.
1876 Furnes, Rue des Soeurs Noires, 20
Delanoeye described himself as a photographer and dealer in wines and spirits. "Carbon process. CVs 5 francs for half-a-dozen. Large portraits a speciality, coloured by one of the best artists in the Kingdom" (Het Advertentieblad van Veurne, 22.7.1876).
1877 Furnes, Zuidstraat, 20
"Ordinary cards, enamelled cards and album cards" (Het Advertentieblad van Veurne, 18.8.1877).
1881 - 1883 Furnes, Rue Neuve, 8
"Lightning autotype (instantaneous photography)" (Het Advertentieblad van Veurne, 30.7.1881). After two years, Delanoeye expressed the intention of selling up: "For sale. All photographic material. Will instruct the purchaser" (Het Advertentieblad van Veurne, 24.11.1883).
1884 Furnes, Citerneplaats, 4
But Delanoeye was back soon, announcing on 3.5.1884 that he had just set up a new photography studio at this address.
1894 - 1896 Furnes, Nieuportstraat, 10
Advertisements at this address appeared from 18.4.1894 to 18.1.1896.
Delanoeye's son Jeroom Josef Cornelis (° Furnes, 30.8.1869) was recorded as a photographer living in Ghent on the occasion of his wedding there on 5.1.1898. Constant was also noted as a photographer on the wedding certificate. A certain Arthur Cornelis Delanoeye (° Furnes, 24.4.1867; + Poperinge, 10.10.1947) launched a subscription from his address in Furnes, Groote Markt for a group portrait of a set of amateur singers (Het Advertentieblad van Veurne, 29.7.1905).


1866 Furnes, Zuidstraat
1868 Furnes, Groote Markt, "Café Français"
1876 Furnes, Rue des Soeurs Noires, 20
1877 Furnes, Zuidstraat, 20
1881 - 1883 Furnes, Rue Neuve, 8
1884 Furnes, Citerneplaats, 4
1894 - 1896 Furnes, Nieuportstraat, 10


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STEKELORUM, Joeri. "Fotografen in Veurne", Familiekunde Vlaanderen Regio Westkust driemaandelijkse nieuwsbrief, vol. 15 no.1 (Jan-Feb-Mar 2015), pp. 10-13.




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