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Paris [F], 1819 - Toulon [Var, F], 1865


1852 */ Namur, Grand Place
François Auguste Xavier, known as Eugène, + 17.9.1865, aged 46. French daguerreotypist, photographer and restorer of paintings sent to Belgium on behalf of L.-D. Blanquart-Evrard (see that name) to take views. On Mr Geeraert’s premises from 20.2 until 25.3.1852. He used very large negatives (about 50 x 40 cm) and produced views of Gothic architecture in Antwerp, Malines, Brussels, Oudenaarde and Bruges, published by Blanquart-Evrard in 1854 under the title "La Belgique" at 10 francs per print. In addition, on his own account, Desplanques advertised daguerreotype portraits.
1852 * - 1853 Anvers, Rue Porte-aux-Vaches, 1166
In Antwerp from March 1852 if the advertisement announcing his departure from Namur was accurate. Apparently, however, he only advertised his arrival in Antwerp in November. In his advertisements he added "reproduction of paintings for artists". He photographed "Christ on the Cross" by Rubens, published by Blanquart-Evrard in the series "Les tableaux célèbres". A police report drafted on 8.9.1853 confirms that Desplanques was still using Antwerp as his base: "He states he is charged with taking views of the main monuments in Belgium. For this reason, he often makes trips into the interior of the country. Since taking lodgings with [Veuve Lauwers at the port], he has been to Paris just once, to buy materials he needs for the exercise of his art. He sometimes sells some of his work. Desplanques behaves well, does not have contact with Frenchmen or political refugees and only mixes with respectable persons."
Large-format view of Metz Cathedral, possibly linked to a period of itinerance in eastern France; recorded in 1856 in Mulhouse, "Hôtel de Paris", at the entrance of which Desplanques displayed his portrait photography. French patent n° 33569 of 3.9.1857 for "varnishes applied specially to photography"; at that time he was living in Paris, Rue des Bons-Enfants, 8. He settled in Toulon [Var, F] in 1859, using the trade name "Eugène de Paris". He first operated at Rue Neuve, 33 from June 1859 and then at Place du Grand Théâtre (branch in Boulevard Napoléon) from 1861 until his sudden death from cholera when domiciled in Rue Molière, 14. His common-law wife Joséphine Garneron or "Madame Eugène" (° Chalon-sur-Saône [F], 1827; + Toulon [F], 1.11.1887) took over the running of the studio and continued to trade as "Eugène de Paris". She transferred the branch studio in Rue Molière to Henri Leenaerts (see that name) and it survived into the 1920s.


1852 */ Namur, Grand Place
1852 * - 1853 Anvers, Rue Porte-aux-Vaches, 1166


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