Deton - Cornand [Deton, Eugène & Cornand, Césarine]




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1885 * - 1914 > Charleroi, Rue de la Montagne, 42<91-00> then 44<01-14>
Predecessor: Cornand Césarine
Eugène Désiré Joseph Deton (° Couillet, 11.3.1862; + Charleroi, 16.3.1921), former bank clerk, and his wife Césarine Cornand (° Alost, 11.6.1854; + Charleroi, 16.3.1913). Married in Charleroi on 11.6.1885, they continued to run jointly the studio she had opened and which became one of the few multiple-branch studios in 19th century Belgium. "There is a lady photographer in Charleroi: Mme Deton - Cornand. When still single, she came and settled here, fifteen or sixteen years ago, and such is her courage that her portrait studio has become one of the busiest. She has trained several pupils, including her sisters-in-law the Misses Deton, now established in Mons" (Journal de Charleroi, 17.4.1899). Vice-president ("E. Deton - Cornand") of the "Fédération Nationale des Photographes Professionels de Belgique" in 1913.
Branch studio also in Lille [F], 40, Rue Nationale, at least from 1896 until 1899, possibly run by her sister-in-law Laure Léonie Félicie Deton (° Couillet, 12.2.1864; Châtelet, May 1936). She married François Mathé (° Lormes [Nièvre, F], 6.12.1871; + Châtelet, August 1933) in Lille [F] on 29.1.1894 when both bride and groom were recorded as photographers. Mathé was still recorded as a photographer when he died in 1933. The Charleroi studio was destroyed during the battle for Charleroi in August 1914 and operations were temporarily relocated to no. 20 of the same street from 1915 until 1920. By the end of 1920 and in 1921 the studio was advertising at no. 16 and by February 1922 had reverted to no. 42. Since no more advertisements have been located after March 1922, it is probable that their son Porphyre (see that name) absorbed his parents’ business at that point.
1890 - 1902 Anvers, Place de Meir, 6
Predecessor: Deton Léopold Successor: Buyle Ferdinand #
1895 - 1898 / Namur, Rue de Bruxelles, 20<95-98> or 22
Predecessor: Roman F. # Successor: Piron Joseph
According to Pierre-Paul Dupont, a studio operated in Namur as early as 1885 ca. In any case, Piron is believed to have been active at this address, perhaps as an operator, as early in 1894.
1896 - 1903 Mons, Grand Rue, 22
Predecessor: Deton Léopold Successor: Deton Jeanne
Branch studio run by successive members of the Deton family.


1885 * - 1914 > Charleroi, Rue de la Montagne, 42<91-00> then 44<01-14>
1890 - 1902 Anvers, Place de Meir, 6
1895 - 1898 / Namur, Rue de Bruxelles, 20<95-98> or 22
1896 - 1903 Mons, Grand Rue, 22


Namur, 1896.

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