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1864 * - 1901 / Bruxelles, Rue Neuve, 67<64-86>, 75<88-90> then 109<91-00>
Predecessor: Detournay Dorothée Jeanne Louise
Principal studio. Henri Louis Aimé Dupont (° Ypres, 6.12.1839) arrived from Ghent on 16.10.1863 (Rue Blaes, 21), then Rue des Minimes 19 bis on 13.9.1864, before moving to this address on 10.10.1864. Married Dorothée Jeanne Louise Detournay (° Ghent, 3.3.1838; + Brussels, 22.10.1900) on 7.10.1864. CVs exist "Mr & Mme Dupont", 1866 ca. In the directories: "Dupont Mr & Mme Henri" until 1874; no first name in 1875; "A." in 1878, "J." from 1878 to 1880; no first name in 1880; "J." from 1894 onwards.
"Photographer to the diplomatic corps, to the great bodies of state, the magistrature, the army, the ministries, the public administrations, the world of letters, science and the arts, etc. Publisher of the Panthéon Belge". Henri Dupont left for Paris on 4.11.1874. They divorced on 6.6.1877. In Paris, Henri continued his career as a photographer, perhaps operating with or for a brother named Aimé Dupont (° Brussels, 6.12.1841; + New York City [USA], 16.2.1900), The latter founded the firm of Aimé Dupont & Cie and, described as a "sculptor and art photographer", operated at Avenue des Champs-Elysées, 28 in the 1870s. He acquired "Photographie Waléry", Rue de Londres, 9 bis in 1880. In 1881, Aimé Dupont acquired a brick works which went bankrupt in 1884 or 1885. Thereafter he emigrated to the USA where he became a prominent theatrical photographer in New York. In the meantime, there is further trace of H. Dupont in Paris, at Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle, 42 as a "publisher and photographer" and Henri Dupont, "Photographe des Ecoles", at Rue de Buci, 11 in 1890.
H. Vander Weyde transferred to Mme Dupont on 4.6.1879 the rights to an import patent of 2.2.1877 and a patent of 21.3.1879 relating to "improvements in photography" [series of large reflectors set up in the portrait studio for intensifying the light]. Mme Dupont remarried a ferryman in 1881 and remained domiciled at this address until her death on 22.10.1900. She most probably continued running the studio under the same name, aided by her son Georges, who was domiciled with her until his marriage in 1895. "Photographer to their Royal Highnesses the Count and the Countess of Flanders". On CVs from 1884 to 1888, "Pose by natural or electric light". "Dupont", no first name, founder member of the ABP and member until 1881. In 1882, "Mme Dupont". Following the death of his mother, Georges is believed to have closed down this studio and transferred operations exclusively to his own studio in Rue Royale.
1867 - 1870 Liège, Rue de la Cathédrale, 53
Successor: Raufaste P.-J.
Branch studio. "Dupont J." in the directory. May have been operating in Liège earlier.
1867 * - 1869 Mons, Rue des Fripiers, 6
Predecessor: Perin Eugène Jeune or Latouche A. # Successor: Josz (- Dongrie) R.
Branch studio.
1868 * - 1869 Namur, Rue de Fer, 60
Successor: Gevaert Hippolyte
Opening advertised on 25.11.1868, in the "Hôtel des Messageries", a business building (the various photographers operating in it were not necessarily linked). This branch studio was possibly managed by Hippolyte Gevaert.
1869 */ Charleroi, Rue de la Montagne, 28
Predecessor: Daugneaux Lucien
On Lucien Daugneaux’s premises. Temporary branch studio from March to June, open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Representative: Mr Baudhouin.
1869 / Bruges, Witte Leertauwersstraat, 65
Permanent closure of studio announced (Standaert van Vlaenderen, 1.11.1869).
1873 Bruxelles, Rue de la Loi, 57
Successor: Dupont A.
1875 - 1878 Liège, Place Verte, 9
"Dupont Aimé" in the directories. This branch studio of Brussels, Rue Neuve, 67   the CV mounts carry both addresses - possibly operated by 1874. Henri Dupont lived in Paris [F], Rue des Champs Elysées, 28, listed as a branch studio, in 1875 (as appears from a police report dated June 1875). At the same address, at an unspecified date, "Sculpture and Photography by Aimé Dupont".
1883 * - 1884 Ostende, Rue de Flandre, 8
Branch studio. Opening on 15.7.1883. “Dupont J.” in the directory.
1888 - 1895 Ostende, Rampe de Flandre, 36
Branch studio. “Dupont J.” in the directory, or “Dupont A.” in 1891-1895.


1864 * - 1901 / Bruxelles, Rue Neuve, 67<64-86>, 75<88-90> then 109<91-00>
1867 - 1870 Liège, Rue de la Cathédrale, 53
1867 * - 1869 Mons, Rue des Fripiers, 6
1868 * - 1869 Namur, Rue de Fer, 60
1869 */ Charleroi, Rue de la Montagne, 28
1869 / Bruges, Witte Leertauwersstraat, 65
1873 Bruxelles, Rue de la Loi, 57
1875 - 1878 Liège, Place Verte, 9
1883 * - 1884 Ostende, Rue de Flandre, 8
1888 - 1895 Ostende, Rampe de Flandre, 36


Brussels, 1874; Brussels, 1875 (carbon) (sp); Utrecht 1876; Paris, 1878; Brussels, 1880; Ghent, 1880; Paris, first International Exposition of Electricity, 1881; Lille, 1882 ("Mme"); Amsterdam, 1883 ("Mme J."; photographs made by electric light); Brussels, 1883 (initial: J); Nice, 1884; Antwerp, 1885; Brussels, 1888.

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