Hallez, Jules



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Namur, 1829 - Dinant, 1894


1866 - 1894 + Dinant, Rue Grande, 62
Successor: Hachez (- Fisette) Louis
Jules Emile, ° 28.10.1829; + 29.10.1894. Leading studio in Dinant for more than 20 years. At the time of his marriage to Adeline Hallez in 1855, he was registered as a pastry-cook. In the same building, "A la Renommée", his three brothers-in-law and sister-in-law made bread rolls ("couques") and ran a shop selling candles and devotional objects. During the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, he is said to have received instruction in photography from wounded French officers being nursed in the castle of the Duke d'Ossuna in Beauraing (Hallez was to make several views of this castle, which burned down in 1889). He became an outstanding landscapist of the sites around the Meuse.
Hallez was one of the first photographers in the country to use the carbon process. "Speciality of views and landscapes in carbon" (1879). He was later forced to abandon the process when he started to suffer from the toxic effects of dichromate. In 1883 he printed as many as 150 small and large views per day. He possessed 5,000 to 6,000 negatives. "Collection of views of the banks of the Meuse and the Lesse. Stereoscopic views. Portraits at all sizes. Pocket albums containing a collection of the most attractive panoramas and the most captivating sites of the Meuse valley." (Advertisement, 1879). "5 medals and two honorable mentions" (1879). Founder member of the ABP and one of the first landscapists to have his views published in the "Bulletin de l'ABP". CV, c. 1885, inkstamped “Gold medal in Nice (13 medals)”.


1866 - 1894 + Dinant, Rue Grande, 62


Vienna, 1873; Brussels, 1875; Paris, 1876; Namur, 1876; Amsterdam, 1877 (bronze medal); Brussels, 1877 (1878 in his advertisements); Paris, 1878; Sydney, 1879; Brussels, 1879; Brussels, 1880; Ghent, 1880 (carbon prints; first prize); Melbourne, 1880-1881 (bronze medal); Vienna, 1881 (bronze medal); Amsterdam, 1883; Brussels, 1883 (bronze medal); Antwerp, 1885 (bronze medal); Bruges, 1890.

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CLAES, Marie-Christine & VAN DEN STEEN, Christian (contributions by ROMMELAERE, Catherine & LAMAS-DELGADO, Eduardo). Faste et misère : le château de Beauraing au temps d'un Grand d'Espagne (Monographies du TreM.a, n° 66). Namur, 2014 [pp. 59-60: "It is in Beauraing that Jules Hallez is said to have learned the craft of photography."].
COLEAU, Michel. "Jules Hallez (1829-1894). L'œil du photographe dinantais", De la Meuse à l'Ardenne, n° 50, 2018, pp. 109-115.

BALaT - Hallez, Jules: http://balat.kikirpa.be/people.php?priref=216054



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1874 - 1894

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