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Durmenach [Haut Rhin, F], 1817 - ?, ?


1860 */ Tournai, Rue du Cygne, 21
° 27 or 30.4.1817. French itinerant. He had been a Daguerreotypist and then a photographer on paper throughout the 1850s mainly in northern France; initially recorded as an itinerant in Verdun ("Monsieur & Madame Hauser") and Mulhouse in 1851, then in Orléans from April 1852 to May 1855, in Nancy in March 1856 and in Toulouse from February to April 1857. Hauser operated in Poitiers from October 1857 to January 1858, in Limoges from April to July 1858 and then declared he was leaving for Lille. In Tournai he advertised portraits on enamel. Active from mid-May until 5.8.1860. He then declared he was leaving for Paris.
1860 */ Anvers, Place de Meir, 17
Successor: Goulder Charles
Advertised himself as "a photographer from Paris". Arrived from Tournai on 29.8.1860. Although he declared he was leaving for Paris on 24.10.1860, he delayed his departure "at the demand of numerous persons" and was still advertising at this address portraits on enamel, canvas and paper, including cartes de visite, in the run-up to the festive season (Het Handelsblad, 6.12.1860).
1861 */ Namur, Rue des Fossés (opposite the post office)
No first name. Active from 20.3.1861. Advertisements in which he claimed to have had a career in the French capital. "Monsieur Hauser can prove by 4 years of success in Paris, and by portraits of all the senior employees of the prefecture of the Seine, that [...] his portraits are superior to any made up to now [...]. He is visible every day from 9 o'clock to 4 o'clock, in a glass-fronted ground-floor apartment" (Ami de l'Ordre, 24.3.1861). Hauser subsequently settled in Saint-Quentin [Aisne, F], where he was recorded as a studio photographer at Rue de l'Isle, 20 from 1864 to 1877.


1860 */ Tournai, Rue du Cygne, 21
1860 */ Anvers, Place de Meir, 17
1861 */ Namur, Rue des Fossés (opposite the post office)


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SAGNE, Jean. L’atelier du photographe (1840-1940), Paris, 1984, pp. 29 & 31.




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