Kips - de Coppin, Adolphe



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  • Kips - Durot (in Audenarde)

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  • Professional


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Schilde, 1810 - ?, ?


1844 * - 1845 Liège, Rue Basse-Sauvenière, 22 then 5<=797 bis>
Louis Adolphe, ° 21.6.1810. Husband, in first marriage, of Anne Antoinette Josephe de Coppin (° Canne, 1.6.1789; + Liège, 16.11.1856). Lithographer in 1843 and spirits merchant in 1844. Kips - de Coppin and Van Malderen were the first sedentary daguerreotypists in Liège (see separate entries on Van Malderen and on the partnership of Kips - de Coppin & Van Malderen). Kips made daguerreotypes and simultaneously practised other trades.
In August 1844, he installed a glass house in the garden adjoining his dwelling "in order that his clients, especially the ladies, might avoid the inconvenience of ascending numerous stairs to arrive at a platform, and of being more or less exposed to the public gaze". He was perhaps alluding here to his former studio in the Hôtel de Suède, or to his competitor Alphonse Plumier. He moved to Quai de la Sauvenière, 5 (formerly 797 bis) in October 1844. Kips is credited with a view of Chateau Neercanne near Maastricht, a quarter plate daguerreotype from the 1840s held in the Maastricht municipal archives.
1848 - 1849 Liège, Rue des Tanneurs, 4
Registered as a drawing-master, a patent relating to a daguerreotype camera was granted him on 8.11.1849 "for obtaining a non-reversed image, the camera operating instantaneously." Patent of 30.11.1849 for "a new arrangement of the daguerreotype [camera]".
1854 - 1856 Liège, Rue de l'Université, 19
Daguerreotypist "by royal patent". On the declaration of his first wife's death in Liège in November 1856 his occupation was given as drawing master.
1859 - 1861 ca Liège, Boulevard d'Avroy, 16<61ca>
Branch studio in Maastricht [NL], Place du Marché, 1130 in 1858, run by his brother Charles Alexandre Kips - de Coppin (° Liège, 1821). On the occasion of his second wedding in Liège on 2.11.1859, to Louise Désirée Durot (° Roubaix [Nord, F], 17.4.1830], he was still recorded as a drawing master. Adolphe was operating in Roubaix [F], Rue du Chemin de Fer, 71 around 1863-1864 then Rue du Galon d'Eau, 9 around 1865, where he also taught drawing and photography. According to Voignier, he continued to operate in Roubaix into the 1870s.
1878 ca - 1880 ca Audenarde
On CV, "Kips Durot, patented photographer".


1844 * - 1845 Liège, Rue Basse-Sauvenière, 22 then 5<=797 bis>
1848 - 1849 Liège, Rue des Tanneurs, 4
1854 - 1856 Liège, Rue de l'Université, 19
1859 - 1861 ca Liège, Boulevard d'Avroy, 16<61ca>
1878 ca - 1880 ca Audenarde


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