Leflot (- Helsen), Benoît



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  • Leflot (- Löw), Benoît / Photographie Instantanée

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Westerlo, 1855 - Turnhout, 1932


1891 - 1906 Turnhout, Rue du Parc, 49<92> or 48<93> [Warandestraat]
Benoît Marie, ° 28.4.1855; + 3.3.1932. Artist-painter, picture framer and sometime inventor as well as photographer. Student at the "Academie des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles". Leflot married Jeanne Marie Löw (° Brussels, 23.6.1864; + Turnhout, 30.8.1894) in Brussels - Ixelles on 7.6.1884 when he was recorded as a painter-decorator resident in Brussels - Ixelles. There are CVs with the imprint "B. Leflot - Löw" in Turnhout bearing no street address, c. 1892. Advertisement at no. 49: "All types of photographic operations, enlargements, copying old photographs, photographs on ceramics guaranteed resistant" (De Kempenaar, 12.3.1892). Leflot announced a change of residence in May 1893 but photographic activities seem to have continued at this address: "From today, the paint and varnish shop is transferred from Rue du Parc, 48 to Rue de l'Hôpital, 54. The photography studio will be closed for rebuilding from 1 to 13 May" (De Kempenaar, 6.5.1893).
Leflot's studio was listed continually on this street in the directories (no house number) until at least 1906, indicating that photographic activities continued here independently of Rue de l'Hôpital. Leflot was once again listed in the directory at Rue du Parc in 1920, perhaps a brief resumption of professional activity. He was no longer listed in 1922,
1893 * - 1913 / Turnhout, Gasthuisstraat, 54<93-01>, 53<03-04> or 51<12-13> [Rue de l'Hôpital]
Moved to no. 51 on 30.5.1893. After the death of his first wife Leflot married Marie Josephine Helsen (° Westerlo, 18.6.1856) in Westerlo on 13.4.1896. Thereafter CVs signed "B. Leflot - Helsen". Patent of 22.1.1898 for "a new system of photographic printing frame". Changed his domicile to Molenstraat in January 1913 (request for planning permission dated 24.7.1912) and advertised that he was retiring and putting his photography business up for sale: "For immediate transfer, a well appointed photography studio, Rue de l'Hôpital, 51. Included are approximately 23 000 glass negatives, a 24 x 30 camera with lens suitable for all work..." (De Kempenaar, 4.1.1913). Only days later, Leflot announced that "despite his change of residence, the studio in Rue de l'Hôpital remains open every day from 9 to 12 and from 1h30 to 4" (De Kempenaar, 18.1.1913). Leflot moved to Merodelei 151 on 5.5.1913 (request for planning permission dated 28.4.1913). We have not located any photographs bearing this address and conclude that he did indeed close his photography studio on or around this date.
An obituary stressed Leflot's commitment to local history as a collector, antiquarian and bibliophile. Member of "Taxandria", the historical association for the Kempen region; joint organiser of the exhibition "Oude Kunst in de Kempen" held in Turnhout in 1922.


1891 - 1906 Turnhout, Rue du Parc, 49<92> or 48<93> [Warandestraat]
1893 * - 1913 / Turnhout, Gasthuisstraat, 54<93-01>, 53<03-04> or 51<12-13> [Rue de l'Hôpital]


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THIJS, Paul. "Een beknopte levensschets van Benedictus Marie Leflot - Depelchin", Taxandria Nieuws, vol. 33 no. 4, 2015, pp. 46-51.




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