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Mantes-la-Jolie [Yvelines, F], 1801 - Andrésy, [Yvelines, F], 1866


1839 */ Gand, Hôtel de Vienne
Jacques Louis, ° 4.5.1801; + 1.7.1866. Merchant, broker and manufacturer of various metal objects. Advertised in Belgian newspapers as "L. Lemaire" when living in Paris at Rue du Petit Carreau, 1. Trading on consignment ("commission agent"), Lemaire had moved to this address in late 1837. He offered for sale "daguerreotypes" [cameras] that he had modified and simplified. "Arriving from Lille", Lemaire was the first itinerant daguerreotypist and supplier of cameras in Belgium. He took a view of the Marché aux Grains in Ghent from the side of Hôtel des Pays-Bas. Public demonstrations of the daguerreotype camera on 26.10.1839 (Korenmarkt) and on 3 and 4.11.1839 (Hôtel de l'Octroi, Marché aux Grains) in Ghent.
Lemaire's Daguerreotype cameras were smaller and cheaper than the inventor's original full-plate apparatus manufactured by Alphonse Giroux. "Mr Lemaire undertakes to supply "Micro-Daguerreotypes" that he guarantees, from 250 to 350 fr., Paris prices" (L'Organe des Flandres, 25.10.1839). Marcellin Jobard was swift to report on the stirrings of competition: "The price of Daguerreotypes is visibly sinking. We paid 655 francs for ours. Now Mr Lemaire is offering his for 350. Mr Soleil [a manufacturer in Paris] has advertised them at 250..." (Journal de la Belgique, 9.11.1839).
1839 */ Anvers, Hôtel des Pays-Bas
A public demonstration was scheduled to take place in Antwerp on 6.11.1839, but the room was refused to him by the local authority because Lemaire intended to charge an entry fee. Demonstrations in The Hague [NL] on 21.11.1839, after which Lemaire presumably returned to Paris. Lemaire would later venture into manufacturing and operate as Lemaire - Daimé, referring to his wife Marie Catherine Julie Hyppolite Daimé (° Stenay [Meuse, F], c. 1811; + Andrésy [Yvelines, F], 2.6.1864): "manufacturer of metal decorations for walking sticks, riding crops, etc., pommels for mechanical and concealed canes" [Bottin, 1844]. Granted a patent on 13.3.1844 for an "apparatus for producing cigarettes".


1839 */ Gand, Hôtel de Vienne
1839 */ Anvers, Hôtel des Pays-Bas


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