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1884 * - 1914 > Bruxelles - Molenbeek, Rue De Launoy, 43<89-00> then 69<00-14> (offices)
The most dynamic and best performing Belgian studio in the area of photomechanical printing processes at the beginning of the 20th century. Relief halftone, photolithography, photogravure. Firm founded in 1884 by Jean Malvaux (° Brussels, 18.11.1839; + Brussels - Molenbeek, 8.6.1903) for manufacturing printing inks and varnishes but rapidly expanded into printing processes. Converted into a joint-stock company on 14.7.1899, with shares held by Jean and his four sons André, Alfred, Eugène and Arthur; Jean became chairman while André was appointed the managing director. Proliferation of Malvaux family members' satellite commercial activities requires separate entries for three of Jean's four sons (all except Arthur) and son-in-law Gabriel Bonneau.
The firm employed a workforce of 106 by 1906, undoubtedly the largest photomechanical printing works in Belgium. "Belgian establishment for photographic applications (artistic and industrial copying. Photography, photolithography, photogravure, three-colour photographic printing in relief and in lithography. Malvaux (Jean) patented. Supplier to the State and to the Ministry of Finance." [Rozez, 1887]. "Ets Jean Malvaux S.A., Letterpress blocks / Electrotyping [...] Collotype and Photozincography / Photo-lithography. 2nd gold medal at the 1897 exhibition". On 28.1.1896 Max Levy transferred to him rights to his patent of 19.6.1894 for "a printing screen or surface for the halftone process". Patent relating to improvements of 12.10.1897 for this same screen. Branches in Paris, Rue de la Crèche, 16<99> or 18<00-04> (Grand-Montrouge) in 1899-1904, and Rue Parrot, 4 in 1906, as well as in London, E.C., 54, Fleet Street in 1900-1901, then London, S.W. 107, Winchester Street in 1906; also in Lille [F], Place Arago, 42 in c. 1908. The firm continued operating throughout the twentieth century and was liquidated on 18.11.1996.
1887 - 1914 > Bruxelles - Molenbeek, Rue de la Savonnerie, 21<87-14>, 29<11> and 36 & 38<87-14> (studios)
The studios formed part of the same urban block as the offices and must have been in continuous use, even though this address is omitted from the directories between 1904 and 1910. Rue de la Savonnerie, 21 was the family's domestic premises adjoining the printworks, according to the wedding certificates of Alfred in 1895 and Eugène in 1900. Jean Malvaux died at no. 29. The studios were specifically listed in directories until 1937.


1884 * - 1914 > Bruxelles - Molenbeek, Rue De Launoy, 43<89-00> then 69<00-14> (offices)
1887 - 1914 > Bruxelles - Molenbeek, Rue de la Savonnerie, 21<87-14>, 29<11> and 36 & 38<87-14> (studios)


Brussels, 1880 (no photography); Brussels, 1891; Paris, 1894; Brussels, 1897; Paris, 1900; Glasgow, 1901; Amsterdam, 1902; Ghent, 1903; Ghent ABP, 1903; Louvain, 1904; Paris CHR, 1904; Saint Louis, 1904; Liège, 1905 (Diplôme de grand prix); Brussels, 1906; Brussels, 1910 (jury).
On promotional material: Bordeaux, 1907; Saint-Trond, 1907; Spa, 1907; Ghent, 1913 (grand prix).

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