Marconi, Gaudenzio (Gaudenz)



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  • Grande Photographie des Beaux-Arts (in Place du Grand Sablon and Galerie du Commerce)

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  • Professional


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Comologno [Ticino/Tessin, CH], 1842 - ?, ?


1873 ca - 1876 / Bruxelles, Place du Grand Sablon, 19
Predecessor: Girault Bernard - Hyacinthe #
° 12.3.1842. Artist, painter and photographer, native of Switzerland. Established in Paris, Rue de Buci, 11, from 1862 until 1871. Thereafter he is listed in Paris, Boulevard Saint-Michel, 45 in 1871-1872; Paris, Rue des Beaux-Arts, 13 in 1870 and 1872. Listed in the Paris directory from 1868 until 1874 under the trade name "Photographe de l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts" and his speciality was "academies for artists" [i.e. nude studies]. Staged scenes of amassed French dead during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, undoubtedly for the use of illustrated news magazines or history painters.
Marconi left France following his conviction and imprisonment on a charge of selling pornographic images. Entered in the Brussels population registry as an artist and painter coming from Brussels - Schaerbeek on 28.2.1874, but probably already active at this address previously. However, he maintained his domicile abroad. About 1877 he photographed the plaster cast of "L'âge d'Airain" by Rodin in order to compare the photograph with that of the model in the same pose and prove that the statue had not been moulded after a live model. On the card mount, dry stamp "Photographe des Beaux-Arts - Marconi - Place Grand Sablon, 19 - Bruxelles".
1876 * - 1879 / Bruxelles, Galerie du Commerce, 53
Predecessor: Sellbach Hugo Guillaume # Successor: Demany & Cie #
At this address from 22.9.1876 until 23.7.1879. "Grande Photographie des Beaux-Arts and des Ecoles Royale et Nationale". "Portraits and photographs. Chromo-lithographs."
1879 * - 1885 Bruxelles - Schaerbeek, Rue De Potter, 30
Successor: Thomas Charles #
Arrived at this address on 23.7.1879. The destruction of the Schaerbeek communal archives by fire in 1911 impedes further research into Marconi's career, in particular as to whether he left Brussels around 1885. No death certificate for Marconi has been found in Brussels - Schaerbeek for the years 1882 to 1889 nor in Brussels for the years 1884 to 1886.


1873 ca - 1876 / Bruxelles, Place du Grand Sablon, 19
1876 * - 1879 / Bruxelles, Galerie du Commerce, 53
1879 * - 1885 Bruxelles - Schaerbeek, Rue De Potter, 30


Brussels, 1874; Paris, 1878 ("selection of studies, figures, animals, etc., from life"); Brussels, 1880; Ghent, 1880.

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