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Ghent, 1855 - Brussels - Uccle, 1932


1881 * - 1884 / Gand, Place du Commerce, 12 [Recollettenplein]
Predecessor: Beernaert Frères Successor: Sacré - Smits Achille
François Léopold, ° 3.3.1855; + 19.12.1932. Arrived at this address on 9.2.1881, coming from Rue de la Vigne, 12 and left for Ostend, Rue Albert, 21 on 14.11.1884. "F. Michel. Successor to Beernaert Frères" on CV, c. 1881. Also "Michel, J.L." on CV or "K.", c. 1884 and Initial "E." in some directories.. "Instant photography with silver bromide". Still listed erroneously in the 1887 Rozez directory.
1891 * - 1908 / [Congo Free State]
Expeditionary photographer. Took part in several missions In the Congo from May 1891 until May 1908, where his skills as a photographer were employed for topographic and ethnographic documentation. Missions of exploration in the Upper Congo, his tasks including the collection of artefacts and documentation for use at the International Exhibition in Antwerp in 1894 and the Colonial Exhibition in Tervuren in 1897. In this context, he took negatives of the Congo, enlarged by Alexandre for the Antwerp Exhibition in 1894. Michel was appointed deputy to Charles Lemaire in his expedition to Katanga from May 1898 to September 1900 and placed in charge of photography. Deputy and secretary to Commander Alphonse Cabra, the Royal High Commissioner, during further expeditions from July 1901 to November 1902, May to October 1903 and April 1905 to May 1908. On his return to Belgium, Michel spent 12 years as a member of the scientific staff at the "Musée du Congo belge" in Tervuren. Knight of the Orders of Leopold and the Crown.
1901 - 1905 Bruxelles - Schaerbeek
In the ABP membership lists, Franz Michel, "intendant [senior commissioner] of the Congo State".
1906 - 1907 Bruxelles - Ixelles
1908 - 1912 Bruxelles - Schaerbeek
At his wedding in Brussels - Schaerbeek on 10.6.1908, shortly after his definitive return to Belgium, Michel was recorded as resident in Brussels - Ixelles and of no profession.
1913 - 1914 Bruxelles - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert


1881 * - 1884 / Gand, Place du Commerce, 12 [Recollettenplein]
1891 * - 1908 / [Congo Free State]
1901 - 1905 Bruxelles - Schaerbeek
1906 - 1907 Bruxelles - Ixelles
1908 - 1912 Bruxelles - Schaerbeek
1913 - 1914 Bruxelles - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert


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Association belge de Photographie

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1901 - 1914

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