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Moulins [Allier, F], 1820 - Paris [F], 1882


1856 - 1857 / Bruxelles, Rue de Louvain, 20
Louis Gilbert Jean Baptiste, ° 24.6.1820; + 15.5.1882. Architect in the Allier [F] and radical socialist. As a result of the coup d'état by Louis-Napoléon in December 1851, Radoux was banished and sentenced to be deported to Algeria. Taking refuge in Brussels, he turned to photography, initially in partnership with Richard Papon (see Radoux, [G.] & Papon, [R.]).
1857 * - 1861 / Bruxelles, Montagne de la Cour, 73
Successor: Neyt Charles
At this address from 20.4.1857 until the spring of 1861. Member of the "Société française de Photographie" on 23.10.1857. He established the first photographic printing works in Belgium. Made salted paper prints from negatives by Pierre Libois (see that name) for the first book illustrated with photographs published in Belgium, "Les nielles de la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique" by L. Alvin, Brussels, 1857. Radoux also collaborated in taking Belgian architectural negatives with Jean-Claude Marmand, operating on behalf of the Paris firm of Bisson Frères in 1857, thereby explaining the identical subject matter and exposures of some prints signed by either Radoux or Bisson Frères. Views of Ghent, Villers-la-Ville and other historical monuments.
Patent of 4.11.1858 for "an application of photolithophany for various industries" [photographic copying of images visible by transparency on translucent paper]. Portrait of Gustave Courbet, who became a friend of Radoux during his visit to Brussels in 1858. Album of 17 plates "La colonne du Congrès" in 1859. Portraits of Victor Hugo, subsequently commercialised by Pierre Petit, and portrait of Félicien Rops, both in 1861. Radoux left Brussels suddenly without informing the population registry in the spring of 1861, returning to Paris in the wake of a political amnesty. He then resumed his career as an architect, using "Louis" as his preferred forename.


1856 - 1857 / Bruxelles, Rue de Louvain, 20
1857 * - 1861 / Bruxelles, Montagne de la Cour, 73


Brussels, 1856 (honorable mention); Brussels, 1857; Paris, 1857; London, 1858; Amsterdam, 1860.

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