Schrey, Antoine



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Antwerp, 1877 - ?, ?


1914 > Anvers - Berchem, Rue de la Cire, 65
Antoine Jules Joseph, ° 14.1.1877. Elder brother of Emile. A witness at his brother’s wedding in Antwerp - Berchem on 11.7.1903, when he was recorded as a painter. "H. Schrey" was also listed as a photographer at this address from 1920 until 1927, i.e., younger brother Eugène "Henri" Joseph Schrey (° Antwerp, 30.4.1891; + Sint-Niklaas, 18.6.1947), who was recorded as a painter domiciled in Antwerp - Berchem at the occasion of his wedding in Antwerp - Berchem on 1.2.1913. Antoine is also listed here from 1924 to 1927 in the Ratinckx directories without any indication of profession. At least two more brothers were also involved in the photography trade after World War 1: "Victor" Joannes Josephus Schrey (° Antwerp, 25.6.1883; + Ghent, 2.9.1937) and "Alphonse" Philomena Josephus Schrey (° Antwerp - Berchem, 13.8.1896). Victor Schrey was recorded as a chocolate processor at the occasion of his wedding in Antwerp - Berchem on 12.12.1903. When he divorced in 1921, he was recorded as a photographer living in Antwerp. "V. & Alf. Schrey" were jointly advertising as publishers of picture postcards in Antwerp, Boerhavestraat, 6 in May 1921 (Gazet van Antwerp, 7.5.1921). Postcards published by "V. A. Schrey" were circulated around that same time. In January 1922, Victor's wedding announcement to Julienne Wambre was published and he was recorded as a tradesman living at Boerhavestraat, 6 (De Schelde, 29.1.1922). By May 1922, Alphonse was advertising solo at that address (Gazet van Antwerpen, 24.5.1922), while Victor was looking for a competent traveller for postcards and paper articles in Antwerp - Deurne at Leeuwlandstraat, 43 (De Schelde, 1.10.1922). Victor published postcards in Antwerp - Deurne bearing the initials "VSW" (Victor Schrey-Wambre) contained within a shamrock. About 1925, postcards bearing the imprint "Schrey frères" were still being circulated, this suggests the partnership might have been ongoing. After the death of their brother Emile in 1927, Victor seems to have returned to the chocolate and confectionery trade and started a firm named "Confiserie Meric" or "Merik" with his brothers's widow in Kontich (De Nieuwe Gazet, 5.10.1927). Alphonse published picture postcards bearing the imprint "Alphonse Anvers" or "A.S.A." (probably short for Alphonse Schrey Anvers). By 1930, Alfons Schrey's business was headquartered in Antwerp - Deurne at De Neufstraat, 9. Subsequently Alphonse was recorded as a photographer living in Clinge [NL] at the occasion of his wedding there on 7.4.1931.


1914 > Anvers - Berchem, Rue de la Cire, 65


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