Schueren, Henri



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  • Enrique Schüren (in the Philippines)

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Aix-la-Chapelle / Aachen [Prussia, D], 1849 - ?, 1910 >


1868 * Bruxelles, Rue Neuve, 67
Henri Joseph Nicolas Hubert, ° 19.1.1849. He arrived on 16.2.1868 and worked as a retoucher at Dupont's studio. In the early 1870s he worked in the "Batavia Studio" [Batavia = Djakarta] of Woodbury & Page [Walter Woodbury (1834 - 1885) and James Page]. He opened a studio in the "Hôtel de l'Europe" in Singapore on 1.10.1873. He advertised there that he had learned photography in the best studios of Brussels, Paris and London. Schueren left this studio under the management of J. Huck at the beginning of 1874 in order to visit Bangkok. He photographed King Chulalongkorn there and was awarded a royal medal on 20.8.1874. Schueren then styled himself "photographer to H. M. the King of Siam" and subsequently incorporated the Thai royal coat of arms on his card mounts.
Leaving Bangkok, Schueren took a studio in Singapore, 89 High Street, previously occupied by Hargreaves, in September 1874. He moved to the Philippines in early 1875 where he ran two studios under the name of Enrique Schüren: on Calle Escolta in Manila and on Calle Dulumbayan in Santa Cruz. His Singapore negatives were acquired in his absence by G.A. Schleesselmann by means of a forced sale. Schueren returned to Singapore in May 1876 where he married Emma Louisa Schleesselmann (° Hamburg [D], 30.8.1858) on 14.8.1876 and then left the city permanently for Bangkok in the same month of August 1876. There he announced the opening of his new studio on 5.10.1876 "previously occupied by Mr Solomon". Schueren went on to operate in Hong Kong, 1878-1879, taking over premises on Wyndham Street vacated by Lai Afong in April 1878 and which he ceded in turn to a certain F. Poppelbaum about a year later.
After nearly a decade in the Far East, Schueren returned permanently to Europe where he initially operated ("Studio H. Schüren, court photographer") in Hamburg, Neuer Wall, 46 from 1880 until 1885.
1885 * - 1903 / Anvers, Rue des Tanneurs, 43, 45<88-00> then 49<01-03> [Huidevetterstraat]
Predecessor: Van den Bemden - Cassiers J.E. / Photographie Artistique
Arrived at this address on 15.11.1885. Enlargements on canvas. On early CVs, "Photographie Artistique / successor". CV backmarks feature medals from the following places: Bangkok, Eisenach (twice), Berlin, Antwerp, Hamburg, and the statement "patented photographer". At the end of 1894, Schueren announced that he was about to destroy a first batch of about 30 000 negatives taken by his predecessor "Photographie Artistique" and that anyone wishing to obtain prints should contact him (Het Handelsblad, 1.12.1894). Joseph Graff (see that name) was recorded as an operator for Schueren at this address in 1901.
1891 - 1893 Bruxelles, Rue Neuve, 28
Predecessor: Despret Auguste Successor: Bizouarne Gustave #
Branch studio.
1903 * Anvers, Courte Rue de l'Hôpital, 27
Moved here on 28.11.1903. Temporary premises "during rebuilding of the studios" (La Métropole, 13.12.1903).
1904 - 1908 Anvers, Jardin des Arbalétriers, 5, 5-7 or 23
Successor: Nitsche Georges (at no. 5, in 1906)
This studio previously traded under the name of Schueren's son-in-law Georges Nitsche (see that name) but may already have been operated by Schueren. Already advertising at no. 5 as "Photogr. Schueren" in September 1904 (Gazet van Antwerpen, 26.9.1904). His townhouse with studio at no. 5 was designed with restrained art nouveau elements by August Cols and Alfried Defever in 1904. Although the 1906 Antwerp directory lists son-in-law Georges Nitsche as Schueren's successor at this address, they appear to have operated concurrently for a time. Schueren was recorded as living in Antwerp, Rue Longue d'Argile, 189 on 12.4.1909 where he was being cared for by his daughter; there is no mention of photographic activity at that address. He moved back to Jardin des Arbalétriers, 5 on 18.6.1910.


1868 * Bruxelles, Rue Neuve, 67
1885 * - 1903 / Anvers, Rue des Tanneurs, 43, 45<88-00> then 49<01-03> [Huidevetterstraat]
1891 - 1893 Bruxelles, Rue Neuve, 28
1903 * Anvers, Courte Rue de l'Hôpital, 27
1904 - 1908 Anvers, Jardin des Arbalétriers, 5, 5-7 or 23


Ghent, 1880 (“Schüren, Hamburg”); Antwerp, 1885 (silver medal); Antwerp, 1889; Antwerp, 1890; Antwerp, 1891 (42 portraits in platinum of members of the "Tribunal de Commerce"); Brussels, 1891 (silver medal); Ghent, 1895; Antwerp (CEPSA), 1903.

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BAUTZE, Joachim K. “Henri Schüren” in Unseen Siam: Early Photography 1860-1910, Bangkok, 2016, pp. 164-181.



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Association belge de Photographie

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1888 - 1897

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