Schweig, Louis



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Kassel [Hesse, D], 1807 - Paris [F], 1894


1846 * - 1851 ca Anvers, Place Verte, 481
+ 31.1.1894. Daguerreotypist, optician and mechanic. Manufacturer of scientific instruments: "Instruments for physics and mathematics [...] daguerreotype cameras and all necessary substances". In 1839, demonstrations in Strasbourg (from 16 to 20.10.1839 in partnership with Boeringer), Mannheim (on 14 and 15.11.1839), and Stuttgart (on 16.12.1839 and the following days). He was taking portraits commercially by June 1841: the Musée d'Orsay in Paris owns a portrait dated 23.6.1841. Studio in Paris, Rue de Richelieu, 18 in 1844-1845. Bronze medal at the exhibition of products of French industry in 1844. At that time he was living in Paris, Rue des Moulins, 14. Barrière de Belleville. In The Hague [NL] in August 1846. According to the population registry, he arrived from Paris on 29.3.1848. However, he was already at Groenplaats [Place Verte], 481 in September 1846. He advertised the opening of his studio at this address in January 1847. It was the first permanent studio in Antwerp.
1851 - 1857 / Anvers, Pont de Meir, 1071<51-56> or 4<56-57>
Domiciled at this address in December 1851 at the latest. Itinerant in Harderwijk [NL] in January 1852. From 1852 he advertised photographs on paper. Visited Vlissingen [Flushing, NL] in 1853, then Middelburg [NL] in July - September 1853. Instant photograph of a procession in Antwerp on 21.8.1853. He left for Paris, Rue Chabrol, 7, in 1857, but was removed from the registry only in October 1858. Back in Paris, he copyrighted a series of 45 stereoscopic prints, views of Belgium, 1857-1858. He spent the rest of his career operating in Paris where he was established at Rue Saint-Martin, 41, in 1862-1864; Rue Saint-Honoré, 294, in 1865-1869; Rue des Quatre-Vents, 14, in 1870; Rue Saint-Honoré, 322, then Rue du Caire until the mid-1880s and Rue de Picpus, 76 at his death in 1894. Member of the "Société française de photographie" in 1885 (address: Rue des Quatre-Vents, 14).


1846 * - 1851 ca Anvers, Place Verte, 481
1851 - 1857 / Anvers, Pont de Meir, 1071<51-56> or 4<56-57>


Paris, 1844.

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