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Brussels, 1877 - Brussels - Uccle, 1948


1898 - 1912 Bruxelles, Rue des Ursulines, 39
Jean Philippe Léon, ° 23.7.1877; + 24.9.1948. Architect-decorator, designer, art dealer and publicity agent, active from 1894. Also supplies for photographers at this address, according to the Mertens directory. Initiated into photography as an adolescent, when only 17 years old he was the president of a camera club for students, the "Detectiv-Club Belge". Pictorialist. Landscapes, portraits and nudes. Secretary and leading light of the "Cercle d’art photographique l’Effort" (see that name). Member of the "Club d'amateurs photographes de Belgique", which published several of his photographs in its "Bulletin".
Both pupil and emulator of Paul Hankar, he discovered Viennese Secession architecture at the Turin exhibition in 1902. His surviving art nouveau buildings in Brussels include a house-cum-studio for the painter Albert Cortvriendt, Rue de Nancy, 6-8 and a shop front for Majolaine, Rue de la Madeleine, 7.
Commissioned by the government to design and decorate the science installation at the International Exhibitions in Liège, 1905, Brussels, 1910, and Ghent, 1913, and to design the Belgian installation at the exhibitions in Turin, 1902, Milan, 1906 and Venice, 1906-1907. He became a propagator of Viennese art nouveau via "L'Intérieur", his art studio in Brussels at Rue de Namur, 9 which opened in 1906 and closed in 1918; thereafter Galerie Sneyers, Boulevard de Waterloo, 9 from 1918 to 1926. Collections of drawings and photographs in the "Archives d'Architecture Moderne" (AAM), Brussels. These constitute the small proportion of Sneyers' archives saved from destruction in 1969.


1898 - 1912 Bruxelles, Rue des Ursulines, 39


Caen, 1897; Dunkirk, 1897; Roanne, 1897; Brussels, 1898; Ghent, 1899; Brussels, 1901; Effort, 1901; Groningen, 1901 Kunst; Brussels, 1902; Effort, 1902; Paris, 1902; Turin, 1902 (gold medal); Antwerp (CEPSA), 1903; Budapest, 1903; Effort, 1903; Hamburg, 1903; Lille, 1903; Marseille, 1903; Paris, 1903; Saint Petersburg, 1903; Effort, 1904; New York, 1904; The Hague, 1904; Effort, 1905; Genoa, 1905; Paris, 1905; Vienna, 1905; Vienna, 1905 CAM; Milan, 1906 (hors concours).

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CULOT, M. "Léon Sneyers (1877-1949) ou la Sécession importée", Bulletin des Archives d'Architecture Moderne, n° 8, 1976, pp. 11-16.




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