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Ghent, 1867 - Ghent, 1937


1888 - 1910 ca Lokeren, Rue de l'Eglise, 14
Jules Vital, ° 13.7.1867. Painter and draughtsman who trained at the academies of Lokeren and Ghent. "Sterck, J." in the directories from 1888 to 1895, "S." in 1896, "V." from 1900 to 1906. But on the CVs simply "Jules" or, on card mounts common to Lokeren and Hamme-lez-Termonde, "J." or "J. & A."<04 ca-10 ca>. Other members of the family also operated as photographers but their activity is less clearly documented. The initial "V." may well stand for Jules' father Vitalis Sterck (° Heurne (Oudenaarde), 1844; + Lokeren, 3.2.1908), director of the Lokeren academy. He was recorded as as an artist-painter living in Casernstraat at the birth of his younger son Alphonse Clement Vital (° Lokeren, 28.10.1880). On his death certificate, Vitalis was again recorded as an artist-painter, aged 63 years and 11 months, living in Kerkstraat.
There are CVs signed "Al. Sterck" at this address, c. 1904. This could either be the aforementioned Alphonse or his elder sister Alida Maria Sidonia (° Ghent, 5.7.1879). At her wedding in Lokeren on 23.6.1908, Alida, who signed with the initial "A.", was recorded as a photographer living in Lokeren. The wedding was witnessed by elder brother Jules, recorded as a photographer aged 40 living in Aalst. In any case, photographic activity at this address seems to have ceased on or soon after Alida's wedding or father Vitalis' death. However, directories list "Sterck, V." as a photographer in Lokeren, with no indications of a street address, until 1914. Sterck and his family moved to Brussels - Schaerbeek in 1919.
1895 Saint-Nicolas-Waes
1901 - 1910 ca Hamme-lez-Termonde
Jules was probably active here for several years previously, since a daughter was born in Hamme, Kapellestraat, on 29.12.1898. "Sterck, J." in the directories in 1901 and 1902. CV signed "J.A. Sterck" bearing the double location of Lokeren and Hamme, c. 1906.
1904 - 1911 Alost, Rue de l'Eglise, 5
Predecessor: Buyle Gustave # Successor: Collin Louis
Lived at this address in a house known as "De Engel", 1901-1912, so this may be the precise extent of Jules Sterck’s activities as a photographer in Aalst. Founding vice-president of the "Aalstersche Kunstkring" in 1909 and painted in his spare time. Committee member of the "Willemfonds" (cultural organisation for promoting Flemish culture and language). "Sterck, I." still listed as a photographer in Aalst in directories in 1913 and 1914.


1888 - 1910 ca Lokeren, Rue de l'Eglise, 14
1895 Saint-Nicolas-Waes
1901 - 1910 ca Hamme-lez-Termonde
1904 - 1911 Alost, Rue de l'Eglise, 5


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