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Brussels - Saint-Gilles, 1868 - ?, ?


1902 - 1905 Bruxelles, Avenue Louise, 277 or 49<02-04>
Victor Léon Joseph, ° 5.3.1868. Recorded as a person of no profession aged 35 in 1903. His father and brother were both pharmacists at these addresses. Pictorialist. Genre studies and impressionist landscapes. He won first prize in a photography competition organised by the "Touring Club de Belgique" in 1904 and again in 1905 for an evocative view of the Broel towers in Kortrijk. Committee member of the "Cercle d’art photographique l’Effort". Member of the "Cercle photographique d'Ixelles" ("Stoefs"). Member of the "Club des Amateurs Photographes de Belgique". An indefatigable exhibitor internationally, Stouffs was appointed the permanent foreign representative for Belgium by the "American Federation of Photographic Societies" at its annual meeting on 22.3.1905.
Stouffs also acted commercially, as an agent for special paper for photography; his letterhead reads "Photographie pictoriale. Papier Farinaud à la gomme bichromatée". [Pictorial photography. Farinaud gum dichromate paper]. Farinaud, a pharmacist in Mirambeau [Charente-Maritime, F], invented a pre-coated and ready-to-use paper for gum printing in 1901. It was reported that Farinaud had “transferred the right to manufacture his gum dichromate paper” to Stouffs soon afterwards (L’Information photographique, 1.1.1902). There is no trace of Stouffs' photographic activity after 1905, even though reproductions of his work appeared in "Vers L'Art", the monthly magazine of the "Cercle Photographique de Bruges", in November 1906 and much later in several issues of the periodical "L'Art Photographique" between 1923 and 1926.


1902 - 1905 Bruxelles, Avenue Louise, 277 or 49<02-04>


Brussels, 1902; Brussels, 1902 CAPB; Effort, 1902; Paris, 1902; Turin, 1902 (gold medal); Antwerp (CEPSA), 1903; Budapest, 1903; Effort, 1903; Hamburg, 1903; Ixelles, 1903; London, 1903; Malines, 1903; Marseille, 1903; Nice, 1903; Paris, 1903; Saint Petersburg, 1903; San Francisco, 1903; Chicago, 1903/04; Brussels, 1904; Effort, 1904; London, 1904; New York, 1904; The Hague, 1904; Berlin, 1905; Effort, 1905; Genoa, 1905 (gold medal, first class); Paris, 1905; Vienna, 1905; Vienna, 1905 CAM.

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