Straus, Gustave (Studio)



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  • Maison Straus, Optician; Photographie Viennoise

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Liège, 1838 - Menton [Alpes-Maritimes, F], 1911


1866 * - 1914 > Liège, Rue du Pont-d'Ile, 36<66-67>, 42<67-70>, 4<70-14>
° 30.3.1838; + 16.12.1911. Sometimes written Strauss. Second son of Joseph Straus. Photographic supplies. Opening of a "Maison d’Optique" announced in August 1866 (La Meuse, 27.8.1866) and already advertising cameras alongside mathematical, scientific and astronomical instruments in September 1866 (La Meuse, 3.9.1866). Moved to no. 42 about February 1867 and to no. 4 about June 1870. Portrait studio operated at no. 4, run firstly by Victor Barras (senior) then Joseph Van Malderen (Fils) and thereafter by Louis Corbassière (see those names). Corbassière is recorded here from 1877 and possibly as early as September 1875 and until his bankruptcy in late 1879, although Mme Gonthier - Cornand (see that name) issued a statement that she had been director of photography for several years at this address and at Boulevard d'Avroy "without the participation of Mr Louis Corbassière" (La Meuse, 10.1.1880).
On CVs, mention of the same studio in Paris, Boulevard des Italiens, 15, entrance Rue de Grammont, 30, 1880 ca. This was Corbassière's studio after his return to Paris. Later, 1882 ca, "Photographie Viennoise. Maison Straus", which coincided with the start of S. Goldstein's activities (see that name), associate at this address in the 1880s and 1890s. Last listing of the studio "Maison Straus" in the 1901 directory. Straus then discontinued studio operations in his name in order to devote himself to the sale of equipment.
Straus' death certificate recorded him as an optician domiciled in Brussels. The firm continued to trade as "Maison G. Straus" in the interwar period at this address, under the ownership of Adolphe Golstein (° Veghel [NL], 17.4.1879; + Auschwitz [PL], 1944). Golstein was already recorded as an optician domiciled at this address on the occasion of his wedding in Brussels - Anderlecht on 28.10.1903. He was obviously a blood relative of the S. Golstein or Goldstein (see that name) previously associated with the firm. Adolphe Golstein fell victim to the law confiscating Jewish property during the German occupation. He was deported, together with his wife, to Auschwitz on 31.7.1944 where he perished.
1879 / Liège, Boulevard d'Avroy, 12
Successor: Gonthier - Cornand Madame (in her own name)
Studio that may have been run by Louis Corbassière in a personal capacity and have no legal association with "Maison Straus". On CVs, "12 portrait-cards 3 francs. Same firm: Printing & Lithography". Corbassière's bankrupcy led to a forced sale of the studio's entire contents on 30.12.1879, including a Hermagis studio camera and 22 lithographic stones.
1879 ca Liège, Rue Reynier, 17
Collotype printing works.


1866 * - 1914 > Liège, Rue du Pont-d'Ile, 36<66-67>, 42<67-70>, 4<70-14>
1879 / Liège, Boulevard d'Avroy, 12
1879 ca Liège, Rue Reynier, 17


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