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Bergmühl (Bromberg) [Prussia], 1857 - ?, ?


1888 Liège, Place Verte, 17
Predecessor: Photographie Populaire [3] Successor: Heleven Auguste #
Otto Hugo Emile Robert, ° 3.1.1857. On CV, "Otto Taudien". As a self-declared photographer and bookseller, his first stay in Belgium was cut short when, coming from Venlo [NL] and unable to prove financial means of support, he was arrested on entry in Antwerp on 9.1.1884 and expelled. Taudien operated in Malmédy [D] for two weeks in January 1887, precise address unspecified. Taudien next entered Belgium, coming from Aachen [D], on 1.5.1887. Recorded living in Liège in November 1888. The premises at this address were vacant and the photography studio advertised to let in June 1887 and again in August 1888 (La Meuse, 11.6.1887 & 4.8.1888), presenting indicative start and end dates of Taudien's activity here.
1889 Dinant, Rue Saint-Roch
On CV, "Othon Taudien". "Large shop with views of Belgium in all sizes. Art photography in the open air. Platinotype, aristotype, carbon photography, Eastman on porcelain, etc." CAB views of Spa and La Roche en Ardenne. Produced 9 CAB views and 3 larger photographs (18 x 24 cm) of a cavalcade in 1889. Group portrait of a school class in Thuin.
1891 - 1892 Verviers, Rue Tranchée, 100 or 102
Recorded living in Verviers in January 1891. Edmond Rosbach (see that name) was an operator with Taudien at this address until his departure for Namur in September 1892, although Taudien himself left Verviers and arrived in Antwerp on 7.4.1892. A police report dated 29.4.1892 stated: “He is an itinerant photographer and strives to sell and to take new views of different places.”
1894 Anvers, Klapdorp, 10
An operator for Louis Van Neck (see that name) at this address earning 120 francs a month. Taudien lived in Klapdorp, 31 from 18.6.1894 to 29.8.1894. He reportedly left Antwerp in March 1895. CV, bearing no address, inkstamped “Diploma and award, Universal Exhibition Antwerp, 1894”.
1900 Soignies, Rue de Mons, 35
Subsequently, Taudien was active as a photographer and publisher of picture postcards in Mezzolombardo [IT] from at least 1905 to 1911.


1888 Liège, Place Verte, 17
1889 Dinant, Rue Saint-Roch
1891 - 1892 Verviers, Rue Tranchée, 100 or 102
1894 Anvers, Klapdorp, 10
1900 Soignies, Rue de Mons, 35


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