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Vandenbosch, Jos. Person (Male)
Vandenberghe, S. Person (Male)
Vandenberghe, G. Person (Male)
Vandenberghe, C. Person (Male)
Vanden Wyngaert, Eugène Person (Male)
Vanden Wyngaert, Aug. Person (Male)
Vanden Perre, Henri Person (Male)
Vanden Kerkhove, Ernest Person (Male)
Vanden Heuvel - Cranshoff Person (Male)
Vanden Haselkamp, Emile Person (Male)
Vanden Camp, J. Person (Male)
Vanden Bul, P. Person (Male)
Vanden Broucke, J. [2] Person (Male)
Vanden Bossche, Albert Person (Male)
Vanden Bemden, L. Person (Male)
Vandemoortele, Oscar Person (Male)
Vandeleene, Edward Person (Male)
Vandecasteele Person (Male)
Vande Vÿver, [J.] & De Windt, [M.] Partnership
Vande Velde, Philibert Person (Male)
Vande Graveele - Murijn, R.M. Person (Male)
Vandamme, Willy Person (Male)
Vandale, Gustave Person (Male)
Vanbremon, L. Person (Male)
Vanaertenryck, M. Person (Male)
Van Zuylen, Paul Person (Male)
van Zuylen, Ernest Person (Male)
Van Winexenhoven, Alphonse Person (Male)
Van Wetter, Louis Person (Male)
Van Weddingen, C. Person (Male)
Van Wambeke, E. Person (Male)
Van Walle, Ch. Person (Male)
Van Waeyenberg, Alfred Person (Male)
Van Vyve, Albert Person (Male)
Van Vomme, J. Person (Male)
Van Volxem Person (Male)
Van Vieghem, G. Person (Male)
Van Velsem, E.F. Person (Male)
Van Veen, Jean Person (Male)
Van Uytvanck, Basiel Person (Male)
Van Uden, Thomas-Charles Person (Male)
Van Tricht, Victor (S.J.) Person (Male)
Van Tongel, François Person (Male)
Van Tichelen, François Person (Male)
Van Thillo, G. Person (Male)
Van Thielen, J. Person (Male)
Van Thielen, A. Person (Male)
Van Temsche, Odilon Person (Male)
Van t'Hof, Louis (Dr) Person (Male)
Van Steenwegen, Ad. Person (Male)
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