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Vander Borght, Jean-François Person (Male)
Vander Aa, Louis Person (Male)
Vandepoel, Julien Person (Male)
Vandepoel, A. Person (Male)
Vandepas, H. Person (Male)
Vandensteene, Ed. & Fils Partnership
Vandenschrieck, Jules Person (Male)
Vandenput, J.J.H. Person (Male)
Vandenhove, Robert Person (Male)
Vandenhove, F. Person (Male)
Vandenhove, Edmond Person (Male)
Vandenhove, Désiré Person (Male)
Vandenhove, Charles Person (Male)
Vandenhoff, Joseph Person (Male)
Vandenhoeck, Henri Auguste (& Cie) Person (Male)
Vandeneynde, Félix Person (Male)
Vandendriessche, Maurice Person (Male)
Vandendriesche Person (Male)
Vandencamp, Armand Henri Person (Male)
Vandenbroucke, J. Person (Male)
Vandenbroeck, Georges Cross-reference
Vandenbrande, D. Person (Male)
Vandenbossche, A. Person (Male)
Vandenbosch, Jos. Person (Male)
Vandenbogaert, Aug. Person (Male)
Vandenberghe, S. Person (Male)
Vandenberghe, Jules Person (Male)
Vandenberghe, G. Person (Male)
Vandenberghe, C. Person (Male)
Vandenabeele Person (Male)
Vanden Wyngaert, Eugène Person (Male)
Vanden Wyngaert, Aug. Person (Male)
Vanden Perre, Henri Person (Male)
Vanden Ostende, Charles Person (Male)
Vanden Kerckhove, Ernest Person (Male)
Vanden Heuvel - Cranshoff, Jean François Person (Male)
Vanden Haselkamp, Emile Person (Male)
Vanden Camp, J. Person (Male)
Vanden Broucke, Jan Person (Male)
Vanden Bril, P. Person (Male)
Vanden Bossche, Albert Person (Male)
Vanden Bemden, L. Person (Male)
Vanden Acker, Jean Person (Male)
Vandemoortele, Oscar Person (Male)
Vandemoortele, A. Person (Male)
Vandeleene, Edward Person (Male)
Vandegracht - Mortier, Auguste Person (Male)
Vandeghinste, Auguste Person (Male)
Vandecasteele Person (Male)
Vande Vÿver, [J.] & De Windt, [M.] Partnership
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