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Tufferau, Edmond Person (Male)
Tuerlinckx (- Boeyé), Frans Person (Male)
Tuchband, Rodolphe Person (Male)
Tubiana, Georges & Frans Cross-reference
Tschischak, Paul Herman Cross-reference
Truyens, G. Person (Male)
Trumper Frères Partnership
Trullemans, François Person (Male)
Trossaert, Bernard (Fils) Person (Male)
Tromm, Guillaume Person (Male)
Trolet, Jules Person (Male)
Troisier, E. Person (Male)
Triquet, A. Person (Male)
Triebels, Gustave Person (Male)
Triebels, Guillaume Person (Male)
Triebels, Georges Person (Male)
Triaille Person (Male)
Tresseniers (- Norman), Jan Person (Male)
Trépagne, Ernest Person (Male)
Trépagne, Emile Person (Male)
Trenkler, Dr & Co. Firm
Tremisaux, Guillaume Person (Male)
Travers, Joseph Person (Male)
Trasenster, Emile Person (Male)
Trapp, Munch, [J.] & Cie Firm
Transparléum Cross-reference
Trablé, Frédéric Person (Male)
Toussaint, Jean Person (Male)
Tournaye, Philippe Person (Male)
Tournay, Julien Person (Male)
Tournay, Henri Person (Male)
Tournay, Albert Person (Male)
Tournay Person (Male)
Toulet, Alfred Person (Male)
Tossyn, Jean-Baptiste Person (Male)
Torfs, Louis Person (Male)
Tordoir, Ernest Person (Male)
Toovey, William [Guillaume] Person (Male)
Tonon, Joseph Person (Male)
Tonglet, Jules Person (Male)
Tomson, Henri Person (Male)
Tombeux, Jacques Person (Male)
Tomberg Person (Male)
Tolomei, A. Person (Male)
Tollen, Emile Person (Male)
Tolkowsky, Willy Person (Male)
Tolkowsky, Emmanuel Person (Male)
Toby, Alban Person (Male)
Tobie, J. Person (Male)
Tobias, Célestin Person (Male)
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