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Anonymous [01] Namur<42> Person (Male)
Anonymous [02] Namur<42> Person (Male)
Anonymous [03] Louvain<43> Person (Male)
Anonymous [04] Tournai<43> Person (Male)
Anonymous [05] Louvain<43> Person (Male)
Anonymous [06] Liège<43> Person (Male)
Anonymous [07] Ghent<45> Person (Male)
Anonymous [08A] Liège<46> Person (Male)
Anonymous [08B] Brussels<55> Person (Male)
Anonymous [09] Brussels<57> Person (Male)
Anonymous [10] Brussels<60> Person (Male)
Anonymous [11] Ghent<61> Person (Male)
Anonymous [12] Brussels<69-70> Person (Male)
Anonymous [13] Brussels<93ca> Person (Male)
Anonymous [14] Ypres<43> Person (Male)
Anonymous [15] Ypres<44> Person (Male)
Anonymous [16] Tournai<47> Person (Male)
Anonymous [17] Ghent<50> Person (Male)
Anonymous [18] - M.J.R. Brussels<53> Person (Male)
Anonymous [19] Brussels<59> Person (Male)
Anpis, I. Person (Male)
Anseel, Edouard Person (Male)
Anselin Person (Male)
Anspach, Henri Person (Male)
Anspach, Lucien Person (Male)
Anten, Jean Person (Male)
Anthonis Cross-reference
Antigny, Jean Person (Male)
Antoine Cross-reference
Antoine, François Person (Male)
Antoine, Gustave Person (Male)
Antonis, Arthur Person (Male)
Antony & Delaveux Cross-reference
Antony Permeke, Léontine (Madame) Person (Female)
Antony, Georges (& Cie) Person (Male)
Antony, Honoré Person (Male)
Antony, Maurice Person (Male)
Antony, Robert Cross-reference
Antwerp Gallery Cross-reference
Apers, Jos Person (Male)
Apol Person (Male)
Archier, Victor known as Mathieu Person (Male)
Arekens, Charles Person (Male)
Arens, Jules (Dr) Person (Male)
Arents de Beerteghem, Aquilin Person (Male)
Arents, Pierre Person (Male)
Aristide (Photographie) Cross-reference
Aristophot, S.A. Firm
Arnaud, [H.] & Jacquemin, [A.] Partnership
Arnold Cross-reference
Arnould, Henri Person (Male)
Arnouts, Joseph Person (Male)
Arntz, E. Person (Male)
Arpillière Person (Male)
Art Studio Firm
Art-Photo Firm
Arthur, H. Person (Male)
Artmans Cross-reference
Arts Graphiques (Les), S.A. Firm
Arts Photographiques (Les) Firm
Asaert - Pierloot, François Person (Male)
Association belge de Photographie Collective
Association belge des amateurs photographes de Paris Collective
Association des Photographes d’Anvers Cross-reference
Association des Photographes et Marchands de Produits Photographiques Collective
Association Photographique Firm
Association Scientifique d’Anvers Firm
Association Spirite Cross-reference
Ast, E. Person (Male)
Ast, J. Person (Male)
Astic, Maurice Person (Male)
Atamian, Gomik Paul Person (Male)
Atelier artistique d'Europe centrale de nouveautés photographiques Firm
Atelier Belge Cross-reference
Atelier de Photographie Firm
Atelier de Photographie de l’Association Scientifique d’Anvers Cross-reference
Atelier de Photographie [Brussels] Cross-reference
Atelier Photographique Belge Firm
Atelier Rubens Firm
Ateliers Polygraphiques Firm
Atkinson, Miles Person (Male)
Attout, Louis Person (Male)
Aubert, Corneille Napoléon Person (Male)
Aubry, Camille (Fils) Person (Male)
Aubry, Emile Hector Person (Male)
Aubry, Emile Hector & Fils Partnership
Aubry, Eugène Person (Male)
Audenaerde, J. Person (Male)
Audiffret, Johannes Person (Male)
Augusteyns Person (Male)
Ausllos, C. Person (Male)
Ausloos Person (Male)
Aussems, Pierre Person (Male)
Autin, Raoul Person (Male)
Autrique, Paul Person (Male)
Auverleaux, Léon Louis Person (Male)
Auverleaux, Veuve Léon Louis Person (Female)
Avanzo, Denis (Dionisio) Person (Male)
Avanzo, François Person (Male)
Avanzo, Louis Person (Male)
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