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Bombeeck, A. Person (Male)
Bomhals, Charles Person (Male)
Bonaert, Raoul (Baron) Person (Male)
Bonbled or Bombled, Omer Person (Male)
Bong Person (Male)
Bonivert, Ernest Person (Male)
Bonivert, [E.] & Salle, [J.] Partnership
Bonneau Person (Male)
Bonneau - Malvaux, Gabriel Person (Male)
Bonny - Vanlerberge, Victor Person (Male)
Bonte Person (Male)
Bonte, R. Person (Male)
Boombeek, H.A. Person (Male)
Boon, Constantin Person (Male)
Boon, Félix Person (Male)
Boone, Charles Person (Male)
Boone, Félix Person (Male)
Boone, Joseph Person (Male)
Boonen, J. or Fr.<04> Person (Male)
Borel, [E.] & Van Damme, [R.] Partnership
Borissowsky, Eugène Person (Male)
Bormans, J. Person (Male)
Borms Person (Male)
Borms, J.B.P. Person (Male)
Borrekens, Jean Jh Ferdinand Person (Male)
Borremans, Bernard (General) Person (Male)
Borrenbergen, Jozef Emiel Person (Male)
Borry, A. Person (Male)
Borry, Achille Person (Male)
Borry, Nestor Person (Male)
Bosch - Salvérius, A. Person (Male)
Bosch, Adriaan Person (Male)
Bosch, François Person (Male)
Bosch, S. Person (Male)
Boscheron, Léon Person (Male)
Boschmans, Charles Person (Male)
Bosiers, E. Person (Male)
Bosman, Robert Person (Male)
Bosschaerts, J. Person (Male)
Bossut, Henri Person (Male)
Bothy, G. Person (Male)
Bottiau, Henri Person (Male)
Boucher Person (Male)
Bouckaert, C. Cross-reference
Boucquart or Bouckaert Person (Male)
Boucquillon, G. Person (Male)
Boudin Person (Male)
Bougard, A. & Cie Firm
Bouhoulle, Arthur Person (Male)
Bouhoulle, E. Person (Male)
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