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Defays, Auguste Person (Male)
Defays, J. Person (Male)
Defays, Jules Person (Male)
Defays, René Person (Male)
Defenfe, Emma (Mlle) Person (Female)
Defgnée, Auguste Person (Male)
Defoing, B. Person (Male)
Defontaine, Jules Person (Male)
Defontaine, Mlle Cross-reference
Defrangh, Frans Person (Male)
Defrecheux, Charles Person (Male)
Defrenne, Max Person (Male)
Degeest, G. Person (Male)
Deghouy Cross-reference
Degols, H. Person (Male)
Degraeve Cross-reference
Degreef, Octave Person (Male)
Degreef, V. Person (Male)
Degroux, Charles Person (Male)
Degryse, Albert Person (Male)
Degueldre, Séraphin Person (Male)
Dehaeck, Hector Person (Male)
Dehairs (- Leyser), Lambert Person (Male)
Dehalu, Marcel Person (Male)
Dehasse, Ernest Person (Male)
Dehaut, Léon Person (Male)
Deheu, E.R. Person (Male)
Deheusch, Emile Person (Male)
Deheuy Cross-reference
Dehin, J. Person (Male)
Dehives, L. Person (Male)
Dehoux, M. Person (Male)
Dejace, Alphonse (Dr) Person (Male)
Dejardin, Jules Person (Male)
Dejardin, V. Person (Male)
Dejond, Julien Person (Male)
Dekeukelaere, Georges Person (Male)
Deklerk, A. Person (Male)
del Marmol, Ferdinand (Baron) Person (Male)
Delaar, Abraham Person (Male)
Delabarre, Albert (& Cie) Person (Male)
Delabie - Vanneste, Gustave Person (Male)
Delacave, Edouard Person (Male)
Delacre, Léon Cross-reference
Delacre, Madame Ambroise Person (Female)
Delacre, Pierre Person (Male)
Delacre, [Gustave] & Bidet, [F.] Partnership
Deladrière - Vélu, Aristide Person (Male)
Deladrière, Fernand Person (Male)
Delaite, Emile & Fils Partnership
Delaite, Jules Person (Male)
Delange, Léon Person (Male)
Delanoeye - Vanduyfhuis, Benjamin Ivo Person (Male)
Delanoeye, Constant Person (Male)
Delanoy Person (Male)
Delarocca, Nicolas Joseph Person (Male)
Delatour, Oscar Cross-reference
Delattin Person (Male)
Delattre, Pierre Person (Male)
Delaunoy, Charles Person (Male)
Delaunoy, Léopold Person (Male)
Delaunoy, Louis Person (Male)
Delaveux Cross-reference
Delbar, Eugène Person (Male)
Delbovier Frères Partnership
Delbovier, Gustave Person (Male)
Delbovier, Jules Person (Male)
Delbroeck, [J.B.] & Deheuy, [L.] Partnership
Delcampe Person (Male)
Delcarte, Hippolyte Person (Male)
Delchambre, Félix Person (Male)
Delcoigne, Georges Person (Male)
Delcroix, Ernest Person (Male)
Delebecque, Léon Person (Male)
Delechaux, Constant Person (Male)
Delée, Betsy Person (Female)
Delehaye, Jos. Person (Male)
Delehaye, [Jos.] & Sluyts, [Jean-Baptiste] Partnership
Delentre, Léon Cross-reference
Deleplanque Person (Male)
Deletombe, Oscar Person (Male)
Deleu, Arthur Person (Male)
Deleval, D. Person (Male)
Delevoy, Gaston Person (Male)
Delevoy, Léon Person (Male)
Delforge Frères Partnership
Delforge, V. Person (Male)
Delforges Person (Male)
Delforterie, F. Person (Male)
Delfosse, Ferdinand Person (Male)
Delfosse, I. Person (Male)
Delhaise, Charles [1] Person (Male)
Delhaise, Charles [2] Person (Male)
Delhay, A. Person (Male)
Delheid, Edouard Person (Male)
Delhougne, J. Person (Male)
Delil Person (Male)
Delimoy, Ernest Person (Male)
Delin Person (Male)
Delin, Charles Person (Male)
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