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Colleyé, Paul Person (Male)
Collignon, Edouard Person (Male)
Collin, C. Person (Male)
Collin, Felix Person (Male)
Collin, Florent Person (Male)
Collin, Louis Person (Male)
Collin, Yvan Person (Male)
Collinet, Edmond Person (Male)
Collings, W.T. Person (Male)
Collon, A.J. Person (Male)
Collyer, Mlle Person (Female)
Colombier, Henri Louis Person (Male)
Colon, E. Person (Male)
Colon, Henri Person (Male)
Colson Person (Male)
Colver, H. Cross-reference
Comblain, Lambert Person (Male)
Comble, (Mlle) Person (Female)
Comblen, Paul Person (Male)
Comer, Jean Person (Male)
Commission Royale des Echanges Internationaux Collective
Compagnie Artistique Firm
Compagnie Belge de l'Autocopiste Firm
Compagnie Centrale des Machines Parlantes Firm
Compagnie des Plaques sèches Beernaert Cross-reference
Compagnie Générale Belge de Photographie Firm
Compagnie Générale d'Impressions S.A. Firm
Compagnie Spéciale d'Artistes Français Firm
Compère, Joseph Person (Male)
Comptoir Belge Firm
Comptoir Central de Photographie Cross-reference
Comptoir de Photographie [Ghent & Bruges] Firm
Comptoir des Nouveautés Photographiques Firm
Comptoir Général de Photographie Cross-reference
Comptoir International de Photographie Firm
Comptoir Photographique [Antwerp] Cross-reference
Comptoir Photographique [Verviers] Cross-reference
Conjard Frères Partnership
Consael, Ch. Fils Person (Male)
Contrault, P. & Cie Firm
Conturat or Contusat Cross-reference
Contzen, Louis Person (Male)
Coolen, Richard Person (Male)
Cools, B.J. Person (Male)
Cools, Gerolphus Person (Male)
Cools, Léon Person (Male)
Coomans, Ch. Person (Male)
Coopman, Joseph Person (Male)
Coopmans, G. Person (Male)
Cooreman, Guillaume Person (Male)
Cooremans Person (Male)
Coorevits, Charles Person (Male)
Coosemans, Guillaume Person (Male)
Coppé, Edward Person (Male)
Coppée, Charles Person (Male)
Coppens, Louis Person (Male)
Coppieters ‘t Wallant, Robert Person (Male)
Coppieters, Robert Person (Male)
Coppin - Goisse, Ursmar Joseph Person (Male)
Coppola, Arthur Person (Male)
Corbassière, Louis Person (Male)
Corbet, Charles Person (Male)
Corin, Gabriel (Dr) Person (Male)
Corin, Joseph Person (Male)
Cormier, Charles Person (Male)
Cormier, Fernand Person (Male)
Cormier, Julien Person (Male)
Cormier, [Ch.] & Van den Bosch [J.] Partnership
Cornand & Cie Firm
Cornand, Césarine Person (Female)
Cornand, Napoléon (& Cie) Person (Male)
Cornand, [N.] & Van Brée, [G.] Partnership
Cornelis Person (Male)
Cornelis, Epouse then Veuve Person (Female)
Cornelis, Ernest Person (Male)
Cornelisse - Hergel, Emile Person (Male)
Cornelisse or Cornelissen, Pierre-Jean Person (Male)
Cornet Person (Male)
Cornet & Soeur Partnership
Cornet, A. Person (Male)
Cornet, B.<95> or P.<96> Person (Male)
Cornet, E. Person (Male)
Cornet, Hubert Person (Male)
Cornez, Emile Person (Male)
Cornil, Eugène Person (Male)
Cornil, Victor Person (Male)
Cornille, R. Person (Male)
Cornut, Gabriel Person (Male)
Corroyer, Eugène Person (Male)
Cortenbergh Ltd. Cross-reference
Corthals Person (Male)
Cortvriendt, Lambert Julien Person (Male)
Coryn, E. Person (Male)
Coryn, Edgard Person (Male)
Corynlinsk, A. Person (Male)
Cosaert, L. Person (Male)
Cosmorama Firm
Cosson, Gustave Person (Male)
Coste Person (Male)
Costermans, Paul Marie Adolphe Person (Male)
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