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Wagner, E. Person (Male)
Wagner, Hugo Person (Male)
Waldack, Charles Person (Male)
Waldmann, Hans Person (Male)
Waldmann, [Hans] & Renault, [Marcel] Partnership
Waldschmid Person (Male)
Waleffe, Armand Person (Male)
Walker (Établissements) Firm
Wallecan (- Vouters), Léon Person (Male)
Walleghem, A. Person (Male)
Walraevens or Walravens, A. Person (Male)
Walraf - Hissel, Arthur Person (Male)
Walraf, F. Person (Male)
Walravens, François Person (Male)
Walschaert, E. Person (Male)
Walschaerts, Edgard Person (Male)
Walschaerts, F. Person (Male)
Walthery, Henri Person (Male)
Waltmann, H. Person (Male)
Walton, Edward Person (Male)
Walton, Edward (Fils) Person (Male)
Wambach - de Duve, Madame Person (Female)
Wankenne, Fernand Person (Male)
Wankenne, Gaston Person (Male)
Wankenne, Maurice Person (Male)
Wante, Constant Person (Male)
Wante, Constant & Fils Partnership
Wante, Fl. Person (Male)
Wante, Jos. or Jef Person (Male)
Wante, [Constant] & Vandenabeele, [A.] Partnership
Wappenaer Person (Male)
Ward, John Person (Male)
Wargnie, Emmanuel Person (Male)
Warnant, Florent Person (Male)
Warnant, Julien (Fils) Person (Male)
Warnotte, Hubert Person (Male)
Warrem, Auguste Person (Male)
Warren, Mary Spencer Person (Female)
Washer, Hermes Person (Male)
Washington, Georges Person (Male)
Wasseige, Max Person (Male)
Wassenne, J. Person (Male)
Wasteels, H. Person (Male)
Wasteels, J. Person (Male)
Waterloos, Gustave Person (Male)
Watremez Cross-reference
Watrigant, Alphonse Person (Male)
Watteyne, Alfons Person (Male)
Watteyne, J. Person (Male)
Wauters [P.] & Hunin [O.] Partnership
Wauters [P.] & Masquelier [A.] Partnership
Wauters, Amédée Person (Male)
Wauters, Jules Person (Male)
Wauters, Laure (Mme) Person (Female)
Wauters, Polydore known as Paul Person (Male)
Wauthy Person (Male)
Wauwermans Cross-reference
Weber - Chapuis, Guillaume Person (Male)
Weber, Armand Cross-reference
Weber, Carl Person (Male)
Weber, Edouard Person (Male)
Webster, Edward George Person (Male)
Weck Frères, [H. & T.] Partnership
Weck, Arnold Person (Male)
Weck, Arnold & [ses] Fils Partnership
Weck, Hermann Person (Male)
Weck, Paul Julius [Jules] Person (Male)
Wegener, Otto Person (Male)
Wegerhoff, Paul Person (Male)
Wehenkel, Jean Mathias (Dr) Person (Male)
Weikman, A. Person (Male)
Weiler Person (Male)
Weinand Soeurs Partnership (female)
Weirather (- Lorent), Henri Person (Male)
Weissenfeld, (Captain) Person (Male)
Weitelsbach Cross-reference
Werder, A. & Fils Partnership
Werder, Oswald Person (Male)
Wereld-Panorama Cross-reference
Wery (- Robert), Jules Person (Male)
Wéry, Oscar Person (Male)
Wesemael, Joseph Person (Male)
Westendorp Cross-reference
Wetrems, Adolphe Person (Male)
Wettrens, Ernest Person (Male)
Wettstein, (Jean -) Edouard Person (Male)
Wettstein, Edouard Fils Person (Male)
Wettstein, Samuel Person (Male)
Weustenraad, Fernand Person (Male)
Weuthen, Joseph Person (Male)
Weyers, Joseph Person (Male)
Weymans, Ch. Person (Male)
Weyn, G. Person (Male)
Weyns, Auguste Person (Male)
Weyns, Fernand Person (Male)
Weyns, Maurice Person (Male)
Whettnall, Edouard (Baron) Person (Male)
Wiame, Eugène Antoine Person (Male)
Wibault, B. Person (Male)
Wibin - Gillard, Ange Person (Male)
Wicard, Edouard Person (Male)
Widy, Albert Person (Male)
Wiegand, W.-H. Person (Male)
Wiener, Henriette Person (Female)
Wiener, Hermann Person (Male)
Wientzen, Antoine Person (Male)
Wihlein, Adolphe Person (Male)
Wijnen, Gustave Person (Male)
Wijns, Gaston Person (Male)
Wilbaux, Alphonse Person (Male)
Wilcke, Max Person (Male)
Wild, H. Person (Male)
Wildenstein, Erwin Person (Male)
Wilkin, Jean Person (Male)
Willaert, A. & R. Frères Partnership
Willaert, Célestin Person (Male)
Willams Person (Male)
Willekens - Van Dingenen, Lodewijk Person (Male)
Willem, Georges Person (Male)
Willemot Person (Male)
Willems Person (Male)
Willems (Studio) Firm
Willems - Detiège, Arthur Person (Male)
Willems, Albert Person (Male)
Willems, Charles (Doctor) Person (Male)
Willems, E. Person (Male)
Willems, Frans Person (Male)
Willems, J. (Docteur) Person (Male)
Willems, Léopold Person (Male)
Willemse, Lucien Person (Male)
Willemsen, Bernard Person (Male)
Willemyns, Emile Person (Male)
Willenz, Jules Person (Male)
William (Boehnke, known as), Jean François Person (Male)
Willot, C. Person (Male)
Willybel, Mlle Person (Female)
Wilmart, Joseph Person (Male)
Wilmotte, Georges Person (Male)
Wilmotte, Joseph Person (Male)
Wilmotte, Madame Veuve (Georges) Person (Female)
Wilputte, Léon Person (Male)
Wilquet, Auguste Person (Male)
Wilverth Person (Male)
Winandy (- Herzet), Alphonse Person (Male)
Winandy, Modeste [1] Person (Male)
Winandy, Modeste [2] Person (Male)
Wingard, J. Person (Male)
Winne, J. Person (Male)
Winnens, Joseph Person (Male)
Winssinger, Camille Person (Male)
Winssinger, Emile Person (Male)
Winterbeek, Léon Person (Male)
Winterschweig, Joseph Person (Male)
Wittamer, Michel Arthur Person (Male)
Wittebols, Emile Person (Male)
Wittelbach Cross-reference
Witter, Otto Cross-reference
Wittert, Adrien (Baron) Person (Male)
Woitrin, Aloys Person (Male)
Wolfers, M. (Mlle) Person (Female)
Wolff, H. Person (Male)
Wolff, Oscar Person (Male)
Wollants, Amédée Person (Male)
Wolle, Jean Person (Male)
Wood, John Muir Person (Male)
Woodbury, Walter Bentley (& Cie) Person (Male)
Woodsell, Louis Joseph Person (Male)
Woos, Eugène Person (Male)
Wortman Person (Male)
Wouters (- Van den Bulck), Joseph Person (Male)
Wouters - De Cauter, Pierre then Veuve Person (Male)
Wouters, C. Person (Male)
Wouters, F. Person (Male)
Wouters, Georges Person (Male)
Wouters, Henri (Doctor) Person (Male)
Wouters, Louis Person (Male)
Wouters, Veuve V. Person (Female)
Wouters, Victor Person (Male)
Wouwermans, Hippolyte Person (Male)
Wright, William Person (Male)
Wunghel, A. Person (Male)
Wuyts, Jean Baptiste Person (Male)
WVS Cross-reference
Wygaerts, Robert Person (Male)
Wylands, Arthur Person (Male)
Wylands, Félix Person (Male)
Wyn, Joseph Person (Male)
Wynants (- Pieters), Henri Person (Male)
Wynants, François (& Driessens, Victor) Person (Male)
Wynants, Henri Person (Male)
Wynen, Paul Person (Male)
Wyngaard, Elie Person (Male)
Wynrocx, P. Cross-reference
Wyns, Gustave Person (Male)
Wyns, Pierre Edouard Person (Male)
Würth, Ernest Person (Male)
Wüst, Alexandre Person (Male)
X. Cross-reference
Xhoris, Pierre Jean Person (Male)
Yerna, Barthelemy Person (Male)
Yerna, Oscar Person (Male)
Yerna, Simon Person (Male)
Yseux, Victor Person (Male)
Zazzarini, G. & Co. Firm
Zech & Fils Partnership
Zéguers, Maurice Person (Male)
Zeyen, Léonard Hubert Person (Male)
Ziaene, (Mlle) Person (Female)
Ziane, Albert Person (Male)
Zielens, François Person (Male)
Zielens, L. Person (Male)
Zilch, Charles Alfred Person (Male)
Zimmer, François Person (Male)
Zimmermann, Anton Person (Male)
Zintgraff, Eugène (Dr) Person (Male)
Zitting, Ernest Person (Male)
Zoet, Alphonse Person (Male)
Zoude, Auguste Person (Male)
Zumthor, Robert Person (Male)
Zurstrassen, Georges Person (Male)
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