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Degueldre, Séraphin Person (Male)
Degryse, Albert Person (Male)
Degroux, Charles Person (Male)
Degreef, V. Person (Male)
Degreef, Octave Person (Male)
Degraeve Cross-reference
Degols, H. Person (Male)
Deghouy Cross-reference
Degeest, G. Person (Male)
Defrenne, Max Person (Male)
Defrecheux, Charles Person (Male)
Defrangh, Frans Person (Male)
Defontaine, Mlle Cross-reference
Defontaine, Jules Person (Male)
Defoing, B. Person (Male)
Defgnée, Auguste Person (Male)
Defenfe, Emma (Mlle) Person (Female)
Defays, René Person (Male)
Defays, Jules Person (Male)
Defays, J. Person (Male)
Defays, Auguste Person (Male)
Defay, Jules Person (Male)
Defawe, J. Person (Male)
Deelen, Alf. Person (Male)
Dée, Hubert Person (Male)
Dedoyard, Jacques Louis Person (Male)
Decuyper Cross-reference
Decroon, Maurice Person (Male)
Decrolier, Edmond Person (Male)
Decraene, Charles Person (Male)
Decq, Auguste Person (Male)
Decourty, Julien Person (Male)
Decoster, Paul Person (Male)
Deconinck, J. Person (Male)
Deconinck, B. Person (Male)
Decondé, L. Person (Male)
Declercq, Victor Person (Male)
Declercq, Marcel Person (Male)
Declercq, Louis Person (Male)
Declercq, Jules Person (Male)
Declercq, Joseph [2] Person (Male)
Declercq, Joseph [1] Person (Male)
Declercq, J. Person (Male)
Declercq, Henri Person (Male)
Declercq, Guillaume Person (Male)
Declercq, Désiré Person (Male)
Declercq, Charles (Fils) Person (Male)
Declercq (- Dincq), Bruno Person (Male)
Declerck, Albert Person (Male)
Deckmyn, P. Person (Male)
Deckers, Louis Person (Male)
Deckers, Jean Person (Male)
Deckers, Constant Person (Male)
Deckers, Albert Person (Male)
Deck, W. Person (Male)
Deck, Jean Person (Male)
Deck, Fernand Person (Male)
Deck - Van Abbeel, Jean Person (Male)
Dechesne, Léon Person (Male)
Dechesne, Charles Person (Male)
Dechenne, Jules Person (Male)
Dechenne, Guillaume (& Cie) Person (Male)
Dechenne & Fils Partnership
Dechêne, F. Person (Male)
Decharneux, Emile Person (Male)
Dechamps, Pierre Edouard Person (Male)
Dechamps, Marcel Person (Male)
Dechamps, Clément Person (Male)
Dechambre, E. Person (Male)
Dechaine, J. Person (Male)
Decancq, Prosper Person (Male)
Decancq, Alfons Person (Male)
Debry, L. & C. (Frères) Partnership
Debry, Joseph Person (Male)
Debrauwer, J. Person (Male)
Debougnoux, Gustave Person (Male)
Debonnet Person (Male)
Debon Person (Male)
Debois, Jean Person (Male)
Deboeck, J. Person (Male)
Debève, Louis Person (Male)
Debetz, G. Person (Male)
Debets Cross-reference
Deberghes Person (Male)
Debecker, J.H. Person (Male)
Debecker, H.A. Person (Male)
Debèche, F. Person (Male)
Debbaudt, Gaston Person (Male)
Debavay, Hypolite [sic] Person (Male)
Debatisse, Jean Person (Male)
Debaets, Aug. or F. Person (Male)
De Zutter, E. Person (Male)
De Zutter, Ch. Person (Male)
de Zualart, Eléonore (Baroness) Person (Female)
De Zouter Cross-reference
de Wynbergen, Sweder (Baron) Person (Male)
de Wyels, Charles (Chevalier) Person (Male)
De Wulf, J. Person (Male)
De Wulf, E. Person (Male)
de Wouters d'Oplinter, Camille (Chevalier) Person (Male)
de Woëlmont, Arthur (Baron) Person (Male)
de Wittert Cross-reference
De Wit, Jean Paul Person (Male)
de Wit Person (Male)
de Winter, Joseph Person (Male)
De Winter, Ferdinand Person (Male)
De Winter, E. Person (Male)
De Winde, A. Person (Male)
De Wildeman, E. Person (Male)
De Wilde, V. Person (Male)
De Wilde, Polydore Person (Male)
De Wilde, J. Person (Male)
De Wilde, Charles (& Loones, [C.]) Person (Male)
De Wever, Épouse Person (Female)
De Weert (or De Weirdt), A. Person (Male)
De Weerdt, Joseph Person (Male)
De Weerdt, Henri (& Cie) Person (Male)
de Wargny, Antonin Person (Male)
de Wargny d'Oudenhove, Edgard (Chevalier) Person (Male)
De Wandeleir, Ed. Person (Male)
de Walque, Joseph Person (Male)
de Walque, Gustave Person (Male)
de Walque, François Person (Male)
de Waepenaert, Ferdinand Person (Male)
de Waele, Jean Person (Male)
De Waele, Hector Person (Male)
De Waele & Cie Firm
De Wacker, Laurent Person (Male)
De Vylder, Gustave Person (Male)
De Vylder, Auguste Person (Male)
De Vriese, Joseph Person (Male)
De Vries, Hubert Person (Male)
de Vrière, Raoul (Baron) Person (Male)
De Vreeze, J. Person (Male)
De Vreese, Joseph Person (Male)
de Vos, T. Person (Male)
De Vos, Jules (Dr) Person (Male)
De Vos & Van der Gucht Partnership
De Vliegher, Louis or Veuve Person (Male)
De Vliegh, Corneille Person (Male)
De Vlaminck, J. Person (Male)
De Vincke, René Person (Male)
de Vinck, Baroness Person (Female)
de Villegas, Fernand Person (Male)
De Vere, Charles Person (Male)
de Vaux, Jean Person (Male)
de Vaux, Charles Noël (Count) Person (Male)
de Vaux, Adolphe Person (Male)
De Valck, Félix Person (Male)
De Trez, Ch. (& Simon) (& Cie) Partnership
De Trez, Ch. & Fils [Auguste] Partnership
De Tiège, L.S.V. (Major) Person (Male)
De Tiège, Ch. Person (Male)
de Thier, Alphonse Person (Male)
de Thibault de Boesinghe Person (Male)
De Tavernier, René Person (Male)
De Tavernier, Martin Person (Male)
De Taeye, Edmond-Louis Person (Male)
De Suyck, Emile Person (Male)
De Surmont & Guillaume Partnership
de Surgeloose, Gustave Person (Male)
De Stoppeleire, V. Person (Male)
de Srebnicki, C. Person (Male)
de Spirlet - Gernaert, Victor Person (Male)
De Souza Azevedo, Ruy Person (Male)
De Souter, Philibert (Albert) Person (Male)
De Souter, D. Person (Male)
De Souter (- Vandeleene), Quirin Person (Male)
de Somzée Person (Male)
De Somme, Edmond Person (Male)
De Smet, Th. Person (Male)
De Smet, S. Person (Male)
De Smet, Raymond Person (Male)
De Smet, Jules (& Fils) Person (Male)
De Smet, Joseph Person (Male)
De Smet, H. Person (Male)
De Smet, Frédéric Person (Male)
De Smet, Firmin Person (Male)
De Smet, Eugène (& Cie) Firm
De Smet, Emile Person (Male)
De Smet [Th.] & Van Praet Partnership
De Sloovere, Georges Person (Male)
De Sitter (- Rigaux), Louis Person (Male)
de Selys Longchamps, Raphaël (Baron) Person (Male)
de Selys Longchamps, Maurice (Baron) Person (Male)
de Selys Longchamps, Edmond (Baron) Person (Male)
De Schutter, August Person (Male)
de Schryver, Alexandre Person (Male)
De Schoenowsky, Albert Person (Male)
de Schodt, Georges Person (Male)
De Schodt Person (Male)
de Schietere de Lophem Person (Male)
De Schepper, Louis François Person (Male)
De Schepper, Laurent Person (Male)
De Schepper, Ernest Person (Male)
De Schepper, A. Person (Male)
De Schamphelaere, Pol Person (Male)
De Schamphelaere, Oswald Person (Male)
de Savoye, Albert Person (Male)
de Savignac, Stanislas Person (Male)
de Savignac, Léon Person (Male)
de Saint-Cyr, Georges Person (Male)
De Saegher, Paul Person (Male)
De Saedeler, [H.]  & Nestler, [W.] Partnership
De Saedeler, Hector [2] Person (Male)
De Saedeler, Hector [1] Person (Male)
De Saedeler, Hector (Maison) Firm
De Ruytter, Pierre Person (Male)
De Ruytter, Madame Pierre Person (Female)
De Ruytter, Madame Othon Person (Female)
De Ruyter, Marie (Veuve) Person (Female)
De Ruyter, Félix Person (Male)
De Ruijtter, John Person (Male)
de Ruffo Bonneval Cross-reference
De Rudder, Victor Person (Male)
De Rudder, Guillaume Person (Male)
de Rosen, Edgar (Baron) Person (Male)
de Roos, David Person (Male)
de Rongé Person (Male)
De Roeck, Aloïs Person (Male)
De Rijcke, Eugène Person (Male)
De Rechter, François Person (Male)
De Raeymacker, Frédéric Person (Male)
De Raet, Edouard Person (Male)
De Quinze, Willy Person (Male)
De Puydt, Paul Person (Male)
de Puydt, Julien Person (Male)
de Prins, C. Person (Male)
De Prince, Leo Person (Male)
de Preud'homme d'Hailly de Nieuport Person (Male)
de Pret, Anatole Person (Male)
De Prest, J. Person (Male)
de Prémorel, Jules Person (Male)
de Prémorel, Gaston Person (Male)
de Prelle de la Nieppe, Georges Person (Male)
De Pourque, A. Person (Male)
De Potter, Sidonie (Mlle) Person (Female)
de Potter, Ernest Person (Male)
de Posch, Alfred (Baron) Person (Male)
De Porter, Guillaume Person (Male)
de Popper (Baron) Person (Male)
De Poortere, Arsène Person (Male)
De Poorter, J. Person (Male)
De Poorter, Honoré Person (Male)
De Poorter, Guillaume Cross-reference
De Poorter, Emile Person (Male)
de Plancke, Charles Person (Male)
de Pitteurs, Charles Person (Male)
De Perceval, Paul Person (Male)
de Peñaranda, Alphonse Person (Male)
de Pauw, Pieter Person (Male)
de Patoul, Oscar Person (Male)
De Paepe, D. Person (Male)
de Nothomb Cross-reference
de Noter, Georges Person (Male)
de Noter, Albert Person (Male)
De Nobele, [Louis] & Blancféné Partnership
De Nobele, Louis & Fils Partnership
De Nobele, Jules (Dr) Person (Male)
De Nil, Th. Person (Male)
De Nil, Is. Person (Male)
de Nieulant (et de Pottelsberghe), (Viscount) Person (Male)
de Neeff, Charles Person (Male)
De Necker, Louis Person (Male)
De Neck, Joseph (Fils) Person (Male)
De Naeyer, Pierre François Person (Male)
De Muyter, Paul Person (Male)
De Muyser, Léon Person (Male)
De Muyninck Cross-reference
De Mulder (- De Roo), Emiel Person (Male)
De Mot, Jean Person (Male)
de Morzé, E.P.C. (Canon) Person (Male)
De Moor, Léon Person (Male)
De Moor (or de Moor), François Person (Male)
De Monty, H. & Cie Firm
De Monge, Evrard Person (Male)
De Mol, Florent Person (Male)
de Mol Person (Male)
de Moffarts, Armand (Baron) Person (Male)
de Moffarts (d'Houchenée), Adolphe (Baron) Person (Male)
De Moerloose, Victor Person (Male)
de Moerloose, Paul Person (Male)
de Moerloose, Ernest Person (Male)
de Michelis, Michel Person (Male)
De Meyer, Ed. Person (Male)
De Meyer, Albert Person (Male)
De Meyer, (Abbé) Person (Male)
De Mey, Pieter Person (Male)
De Mey, Léopold Person (Male)
de Mey Person (Male)
De Meuter, Edouard Person (Male)
De Meuse, Robert Person (Male)
De Meuse, Fernand Person (Male)
De Meulenaere, Armand (Baron) Person (Male)
de Meulemeester, Robert Person (Male)
de Meulemeester, Ernest Person (Male)
de Meulemeester, Adolphe Person (Male)
de Meulemeester Person (Male)
de Menten de Horne, Fritz (Baron) Person (Male)
de Meeus, Louis (Count) Person (Male)
de Meeus, H.F. (Count) Person (Male)
De Meester, R. Person (Male)
de Meester de Betzenbroeck, Ferdinand Person (Male)
De Medts, Henri Person (Male)
De Mare, Frédéric Person (Male)
de Marcq de Tiège, Albert (Baron) Person (Male)
De Marbaix, P. Person (Male)
De Mans, [Alp.] & Wolff, [Os.] Partnership
De Man, René Person (Male)
De Man, David Person (Male)
de Malte, Théodore Person (Male)
de Mallmann, Henri Person (Male)
De Maeyer (- Cuykens), Jos. Person (Male)
De Maeyer (- Cappaert), Jules Person (Male)
De Maertelaere, F. Person (Male)
de Macar, Julien Person (Male)
de Macar, Adolphe Henri Albert Person (Male)
De Lozanne, Karel Person (Male)
De Lorge, L. Person (Male)
de Looz-Corswarem, Georges (Count) Person (Male)
De Loecker, Herman Person (Male)
De Locht, Paul Person (Male)
de Locht, Léon Person (Male)
De Lille, Victor Person (Male)
De Lil, Léon Person (Male)
de Lhoneux, Franz Person (Male)
de Lezaack, Lionel Person (Male)
De Leus, J. Person (Male)
De Leeuw, Paul Person (Male)
De Lecroix, Maurice Person (Male)
de Le Hoye, Maurice Person (Male)
De le Court, Victor Person (Male)
De Laveleye, Georges Person (Male)
De Lattre, [J.] & Van de Winckel, [E.] Partnership
De Lattre, Juliette Person (Female)
De Lattre or Delattre Cross-reference
De Lattine Person (Male)
De Latin, Charles or Karel Person (Male)
De Lathouwer, Hippolyte Person (Male)
De Lathauwer, Isidore Person (Male)
De Lathauwer, Georges Person (Male)
de Lannoy, Léon Person (Male)
de Lannoy, Edgar (Count) Person (Male)
De Lanier - van Monckhoven, Alfred Person (Male)
De Lanier (- van Monckhoven), Georges Person (Male)
de Laminne, Ernestine Person (Female)
de Laminne de Bex, Ludovic (Chevalier) Person (Male)
de Lambert, Fernand Person (Male)
de Lambert, Ami Person (Male)
de Lalieux, Louis Person (Male)
de Lalieux de la Rocq, Robert Person (Male)
de Lalieux de la Rocq, Fernand Person (Male)
de Lalaing, Jacques (Count) Person (Male)
De Laetre, Louis Person (Male)
De Laet, Jozef Person (Male)
de la Ruwière, Julien Person (Male)
de la Montagne, Emile-Pierre Person (Male)
De la Marck de Lummen Cross-reference
de la Kethulle, A. Person (Male)
de la Kethulle de Ryhove, Jean Person (Male)
De Kuyper, Armand Person (Male)
De Koninckx, Veuve A. & Enfants Partnership
De Koninckx, Adolphe Person (Male)
de Koninck, Louis Lucien Person (Male)
de Koninck, Laurent Guillaume Person (Male)
De Kock, Eugène Person (Male)
de Knyff, René (Chevalier) Person (Male)
De Knudt (- Adins), Aloïs Person (Male)
De Knop, Eugène Person (Male)
de Knop Person (Male)
De Keyser, Henri Person (Male)
De Keyser, Ernest Person (Male)
De Keyser, Emile Person (Male)
de Keyser, Edgard Person (Male)
De Keyser, A. Person (Male)
De Keyser & Detrez Partnership
De Keukeleire, H. Person (Male)
De Keukelaere, Gustave Person (Male)
de Kerchove de Denterghem, Rodolphe Person (Male)
de Kerchove de Denterghem, Oswald Person (Male)
de Kerchove de Denterghem, Léon Person (Male)
de Kerchove de Denterghem Person (Male)
de Kerchove (- de Limon), Charles (Count) Person (Male)
De Kepper, Léon Person (Male)
de Kemmeter, Adolphe Person (Male)
De Jude, Joannes Person (Male)
De José Person (Male)
De Jonghe, J. Person (Male)
De Jonghe, Edouard Person (Male)
De Jonghe - Flies, Jaak Person (Male)
De Jonghe (- Rypens), Eduard Person (Male)
De Jongh, D. Person (Male)
De Jong, Jules Person (Male)
De Jong, Edward Person (Male)
De Jong, Bernard Person (Male)
De Jong, Abraham Person (Male)
De Jonckheere or de Joncker, E. Person (Male)
De Jonckheere Person (Male)
de Jardin Person (Male)
de Jamblinne de Meux, Théophile (Baron) Person (Male)
De Jaegher, Camille Person (Male)
De Jaeger, August Person (Male)
De Hont, Antoine Person (Male)
De Heusch, MM. & Cie Firm
De Heusch, G., Hoyaux, Edmond & Cie Firm
De Heusch, Épouse H. Person (Female)
de Heusch, Baron Person (Male)
de Hemptinne, Louis Person (Male)
de Hemptinne, Joseph Person (Male)
de Hemptinne, Auguste Ferdinand Person (Male)
De Harven, Hélène Person (Female)
De Haan, André Person (Male)
De Gyter, G.O. Person (Male)
De Guchteneere, V. Person (Male)
De Groote, J. Person (Male)
De Groot, Henri Person (Male)
De Groodt, Eugène (& Cie) Person (Male)
De Greift, René Person (Male)
De Greeuw, Jacques Louis Person (Male)
De Greef, F. Person (Male)
De Graeve, Théophile Person (Male)
De Graer, Henri Person (Male)
De Graef, Lucien Person (Male)
De Gouy, G. Person (Male)
de Giey, Odon (Baron) Person (Male)
de Giey, Guillaume (Baron) Person (Male)
De Geyter, Prosper Person (Male)
De Geyter, P. Person (Male)
De Geyter (- Vernack), Octave Person (Male)
de Geyter Person (Male)
De Gendt - Everaert, Albert Person (Male)
De Geest, Jan Person (Male)
de Garbolewski, Wladimir Person (Male)
De Gand, Octave Person (Male)
De Frène, Auguste Person (Male)
de Fougeroux de Campigneulles, Edouard Person (Male)
De Fooz, Constantin Person (Male)
de Favières, (Count) Person (Male)
de Favereau, Ernest Person (Male)
De Dorlodot, Léopold & Cie Firm
de Dorlodot, Joseph Person (Male)
de Dorlodot, Henry (Canon) Person (Male)
De Dorlodot Person (Male)
de Dieudonné de Corbeek - over - Loo, Pierre (Baron) Person (Male)
De Deyne, Véron Person (Male)
De Deyne, Ebergiste (Brother) Person (Male)
De Deken, Léon Person (Male)
De Deken, B. Person (Male)
De Decker, Maurice Person (Male)
de Dax, Louis Person (Male)
de Damseaux, Emile Person (Male)
De Cuyper, Ch. Person (Male)
De Cuyper, A. Person (Male)
De Croupet, Jean Person (Male)
de Crombrugghe de Looringhe, Jacques (Baron) Person (Male)
de Crombrugghe de Looringhe, A. (Baron) Person (Male)
de Creeft, Guillaume Person (Male)
de Crawhez, Pierre (Baron) Person (Male)
De Craene, Paul Person (Male)
De Craene, Octave Person (Male)
De Craene, Léon Person (Male)
De Coster, Fr. Person (Male)
De Coster, Antoine Person (Male)
De Coorebyter, François Person (Male)
De Coninck, Joris Person (Male)
De Coninck, Emile (& Cie) Person (Male)
de Condé, J. Person (Male)
De Combe, Edm. Person (Male)
de Collombs, Franz Person (Male)
De Coene, Joseph Person (Male)
De Coen, Alfred Person (Male)
De Cock, Th. Person (Male)
De Cock, Nicolas Person (Male)
De Cock, Emile Person (Male)
De Cock, Achille Person (Male)
De Cock, A. Person (Male)
De Cloudt, L. Person (Male)
De Clercq, Yolande (Mlle) Person (Female)
De Clercq, Julien Person (Male)
De Clercq, Florence Cross-reference
De Clercq Person (Male)
De Clerck, Maurice Person (Male)
De Clerck, Franz Person (Male)
De Clerck, Arthur Person (Male)
De Clerck, André Person (Male)
de Changy, Charles Person (Male)
de Changy, Carlos (Viscount) Person (Male)
de Cerkez, Edouard Person (Male)
De Cat, Jos. Person (Male)
De Castro-Lima, Arthur Person (Male)
De Casseres Person (Male)
De Camp P. Cross-reference
De Caluwé, Léon Person (Male)
De Caluwé, Alfons Person (Male)
de Callewaert, Théodore (Baron) Person (Male)
de Callewaert, Louis (Baron) Person (Male)
de Callewaert, (Baron) Person (Male)
De Caesemaeker Person (Male)
De Buyl, Gérard Person (Male)
De Buyl (Mme) Person (Female)
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