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Langbein, Erick Cross-reference
Lange - Hesse, Madame Person (Female)
Lange, Henri Person (Male)
Lange, Louis Person (Male)
Langenraedt - Strobbe, Oswald Person (Male)
Langer, Paul Cross-reference
Langerock, Auguste Person (Male)
Langerock, Henri Person (Male)
Langerock, J. Person (Male)
Langlé, Charles Person (Male)
Langlet, Gustave Person (Male)
Langlois & Cie Firm
Langstone Person (Male)
Lannoy, Edouard (Fils) Person (Male)
Lannoy, Paul Person (Male)
Lanny, Michel Person (Male)
Lantin, Thomas Person (Male)
Lantonnois, Georges Person (Male)
Laoureux, Georges Person (Male)
Laoureux, Léon (& Cie) Person (Male)
Lapaille, Charles Person (Male)
Lapière, Albert Person (Male)
Lapierre, E. Person (Male)
Lapierre, [E.] & Signol Partnership
Laport, Guillaume Person (Male)
Laport, Martin Person (Male)
Laporte, A. (Maison) Firm
Larauza, Adolphe Person (Male)
Larenberg, L. Person (Male)
Larmoyer, Georges Person (Male)
Laroche, Armand Person (Male)
Laroche, Oscar Person (Male)
Larribau & Cie Firm
Larribe, Jules Person (Male)
Larroque, Ernest Person (Male)
Larsimont Person (Male)
Laskiewicz, Albert Person (Male)
Lassalle Person (Male)
Lassence, Victor Person (Male)
Lathouders Person (Male)
Latin, J. Person (Male)
Latinne, A. Person (Male)
Latouche, Auguste Person (Male)
Latteur Person (Male)
Lattinie or Latinnes Person (Male)
Laude Person (Male)
Laudy, Rosalie (Mlle) Person (Female)
Laue, Christian Person (Male)
Laurent, A. Person (Male)
Laurent, D. Person (Male)
Laurent, Emile Person (Male)
Laurent, Ernest Person (Male)
Laurent, Louis Ghislain Person (Male)
Laurent, Mlle Person (Female)
Laurent, Victor Person (Male)
Laureyns or Laureys Cross-reference
Laureys, Fr. & Cie Firm
Lauters, G. Person (Male)
Lauthe, J.O. Person (Male)
Lauwereyns, Michel Person (Male)
Lauwers & Cie Firm
Lauwers, Georges Person (Male)
Lauwers, Richmondine Person (Female)
Lavalette - Weinknecht, Victor Person (Male)
Laveine, Henri Person (Male)
Laviolette, Henri Person (Male)
Laviolette, Maurice Person (Male)
Le Bailly de Tilleghem, (Baron) Person (Male)
Le Bon, J. & Gustave Partnership
Le Bon, Louis Ferdinand Person (Male)
Le Bon, Paul Person (Male)
Le Comte, A. Person (Male)
Le Confort Firm
Le Docte, Armand Person (Male)
Le Docte, Charles Person (Male)
Le Docte, Georges Person (Male)
Le Falher, F. Person (Male)
Le Foyer Intellectuel [de Saint-Gilles] Collective
Le Ghait, Louise (Madame) Person (Female)
Le Graive, E. Person (Male)
le Grelle, Henri (Count) Person (Male)
le Grelle, Oscar (Count) Person (Male)
Le Roeye, Louis Person (Male)
Le Roi, Frans Person (Male)
Léaucourt Cross-reference
Leba, B. Partnership
Leba, Veuve B. Person (Female)
Lebailly - Franquet, Jean-Baptiste Person (Male)
Lebbe - Van Cayzeele, Achiel Person (Male)
Lebbe, H. Person (Male)
Lebeau Person (Male)
Lebeau, N. Person (Male)
Lebegge, Paul Person (Male)
Lebesgue, Corneille (Dr) Person (Male)
Lebissonnais, Nicolas Victor Person (Male)
Lebizay, Albert Person (Male)
Leblanc - Debot, Gérard Person (Male)
Leblon, H. Person (Male)
Leblond, Félicien Person (Male)
Lebrun - Devigne, F. Person (Male)
Lebrun, Jean-Baptiste Person (Male)
Lebrun, Veuve Person (Female)
Lecchi, Stefano Person (Male)
Leclair Cross-reference
Leclair, Charles Person (Male)
Leclef, Georges Person (Male)
Leclercq ( - Boudart), Constant Person (Male)
Leclercq, Achille Person (Male)
Leclercq, Arm. Person (Male)
Leclercq, Arthur Person (Male)
Leclercq, C. Person (Male)
Leclercq, Edmond Person (Male)
Leclercq, F. or J. Person (Male)
Leclercq, Fernand Person (Male)
Leclercq, L. Person (Male)
Leclercq, Z. Person (Male)
Lecocq, Adolphe Person (Male)
Lecocq, Armand Person (Male)
Lecocq, Jules Person (Male)
Lecointe, Georges Person (Male)
Lecomte Person (Male)
Lecomte - Falleur, Jacques Person (Male)
Lecomte, Joseph Person (Male)
Leconte, George Person (Male)
Lecrenier, Adolphe Person (Male)
Lecyloë, P. Cross-reference
Ledent, Félix Person (Male)
Ledent, Marcel Person (Male)
Ledin, Louis Person (Male)
Ledoray, Robert Person (Male)
Ledoux, Gustave Person (Male)
Ledresseur, Charles Person (Male)
Ledreux, Maurice Person (Male)
Leduc, E. Person (Male)
Ledure, Edouard Person (Male)
Leemans Person (Male)
Leemans, (Mlle) Person (Female)
Leemans, A.L. Person (Male)
Leemans, H. Person (Male)
Leemans, Henri Person (Male)
Leemans, Louis Person (Male)
Leenaerts, Alphonse & Henri Person (Male)
Leenarts, J. or Y. Cross-reference
Leers, Emile Person (Male)
Leestmans Cross-reference
Lefèbre de Sardans, Stanislas Person (Male)
Lefébure, Charles Person (Male)
Lefebvre Person (Male)
Lefebvre - Midavaine, Luc Joseph Person (Male)
Lefebvre, Casimir Person (Male)
Lefebvre, Eugène Person (Male)
Lefebvre, Raymond Person (Male)
Lefever, Aug. Person (Male)
Lefèvre, André Person (Male)
Lefèvre, E. Person (Male)
Lefèvre, Emile Person (Male)
Lefèvre, Hippolyte Person (Male)
Lefèvre, Housiaux & Cie Firm
Lefèvre, Jules Person (Male)
Lefèvre, L. Person (Male)
Lefèvre, Théodore Person (Male)
Leflot (- Helsen), Benoît Person (Male)
Lefort, Pierre Person (Male)
Lefranc, Raoul Person (Male)
Lefrancq, Prosper Person (Male)
Legrand Cross-reference
Legrand (- Arissé), Isidore Person (Male)
Legrand or Le Grand, Alfred (Abbé) Person (Male)
Legrand, Henry Person (Male)
Legrand, L. Person (Male)
Legrand, Nicolas Person (Male)
Legrand, Pierre Person (Male)
Legrand, Victor Person (Male)
Legros, Jean Person (Male)
Lehmann, L. Person (Male)
Leirens, Alphonse Person (Male)
Leirens, Léon Person (Male)
Lejeune, F. Person (Male)
Lejeune, Ferdinand Person (Male)
Lejeune, H. Person (Male)
Lejeune, J. Person (Male)
Lejeune, Pierre Person (Male)
Lejeune, Vincent Person (Male)
Lejeune, [Pierre] & Berger, [Jean] Partnership
Lejour, Firmin Person (Male)
Lekens, Marie Charles Person (Male)
Lekeu, Léonard Joseph Person (Male)
Leleu Person (Male)
Leleu, Albert Person (Male)
Leloup, Ed. Person (Male)
Leloup, Emilie (Mlle) Person (Female)
Lelubre, A. Person (Male)
Lemaignent, Léon Person (Male)
Lemaigre, Maurice Person (Male)
Lemaire - Lenoir, Gaston Person (Male)
Lemaire, Alfred Person (Male)
Lemaire, Antoine Person (Male)
Lemaire, Aug. Person (Male)
Lemaire, Charles Person (Male)
Lemaire, Élisée Person (Male)
Lemaire, Jean Person (Male)
Lemaire, Louis Person (Male)
Lemaire, Mlle Person (Female)
Lemaître, Alexis Person (Male)
Lemaître, Léon Person (Male)
Lemaître, René (Établissements) Person (Male)
Lemajeur, G. Person (Male)
Lemarcotte, Henri Person (Male)
Lemercier Person (Male)
Lemery, Emile-Jh-Guillaume Person (Male)
Lemeunier, Richard Person (Male)
Lemiere, Adhemar Person (Male)
Lemineur, Hippolyte Person (Male)
Lemmelyn, Alexandre Cross-reference
Lemmens, Aimé Person (Male)
Lemmens, H. Person (Male)
Lemmens, L. Person (Male)
Lemoine, C. Person (Male)
Lemoine, Jos Person (Male)
Lemonnier, Albert Person (Male)
Lempereur, Charles Person (Male)
Lempereur, Henri Person (Male)
Lemy, Nelly (Mlle) Person (Female)
Lenaerts, E. Person (Male)
Lenaerts, Henri Person (Male)
Lenaerts, Jean Joseph Person (Male)
Lenaerts, Victor Joseph Person (Male)
Lenain, Alexandre Person (Male)
Lenfant, O. Person (Male)
Lennaerts, O. Person (Male)
Lenoir, François Person (Male)
Lenoir, J. Person (Male)
Lenoir, Léon Person (Male)
Lens, Alphonse Person (Male)
Lentz, Hyacinthe Person (Male)
Lenzen (- Georges), Louis Person (Male)
Léo, L. Person (Male)
Léon Person (Male)
Léon Cross-reference
Léon, H. Cross-reference
Léonard Soeurs Partnership (female)
Léonard, Edgard Person (Male)
Léonis, E. Person (Male)
Lepage Person (Male)
Lepage, Paul Person (Male)
Lepaige, Ulric Person (Male)
Leperche & Cie Firm
Lepersonne, Octave Person (Male)
Leplae, Edmond Person (Male)
Leplat Person (Male)
Leplat, Arthur Person (Male)
Leplat, Jules Person (Male)
Leplaz, Jules Person (Male)
Lequeux, Charles Person (Male)
Leray, Victor Person (Male)
Leredde, Octave Person (Male)
Leribaux, J.-B. Cross-reference
Leroi, Leroil, Leroy Cross-reference
Leroux, A. Person (Male)
Leroy, A. Person (Male)
Leroy, G. Person (Male)
Leroy, Georges Person (Male)
Leroy, L. Person (Male)
Leroye Person (Male)
Leruse, Henri Person (Male)
Leruth, C. Person (Male)
Lesaffre - Bartier, Paul Person (Male)
Lesage, G. Person (Male)
Lescarts, Robert Person (Male)
Lescornez, Firmin Person (Male)
Lescouwier, Isidoor Louis Person (Male)
Lespineux, Victor Person (Male)
Less, J. Person (Male)
Lessenne (- Legrand), Henri Person (Male)
Lessenne, Fernand Person (Male)
Lessines, H. Person (Male)
Lestienne, Alexandre Person (Male)
Lestmans - Doms, Albert or Omer Person (Male)
Lesurque, Edouard Person (Male)
Letellier, Ghislain Person (Male)
Lettani, Edouard (Fils) Person (Male)
Lettany Person (Male)
Leullier, Victor Christophe Person (Male)
Leun, Aimé (Dr) Person (Male)
Levaque Person (Male)
Levaque, A. Person (Male)
Levaque, Amand Person (Male)
Levaque, Edmond Person (Male)
Levaque, Hubert Person (Male)
Levaque, Jérôme Person (Male)
Levecq, Octave Person (Male)
Levèque, Adolphe Louis Person (Male)
Levêque, Carlo Person (Male)
Levêque, Ch. Person (Male)
Levêque, Joseph Person (Male)
Levêque, Madame Carlo Person (Female)
Levie, P. Person (Male)
Levis, Julien Person (Male)
Levray, Pierre Person (Male)
Levy Person (Male)
Lévy - Burgun, Hippolyte Person (Male)
Levy - Heydt, J. Person (Male)
Lévy, Emile Désiré Person (Male)
Lévy, J. & Cie Firm
Leybold, J.-L. Person (Male)
Leyers, Charles-Julien Person (Male)
Leyniers, Joseph Person (Male)
Leys, Alphonse Person (Male)
Leys, Ferdinand Person (Male)
Leys, Henri Person (Male)
Leysen Person (Male)
Leysen, Louis Person (Male)
Leyssens Person (Male)
Leyssens, Jean Person (Male)
Leytens, Alphonse Person (Male)
Leÿniers, Emile Person (Male)
Lhoest Person (Male)
Libau, Alphonse Person (Male)
Libbrecht, Maurice Person (Male)
Libert Person (Male)
Liberton, Edouard Person (Male)
Libier, Ivan J.M.F. (Lieutenant) Person (Male)
Libois, Madame Person (Female)
Libois, Pierre Alexandre Jh Person (Male)
Libois, Raymond Person (Male)
Licht en Schaduw Collective
Licot, Feuillen Person (Male)
Liebeskind - Becker & C° Firm
Liefhebbers Fotografenkring van Berchem Collective
Liégaut, Camille Person (Male)
Liégeois, Edmond Person (Male)
Liekens Person (Male)
Liekens, Jos. Person (Male)
Liénard Frères Partnership
Liénard, Maximilien Person (Male)
Liénard, V. Person (Male)
Liersche Fotoklub "Goed Licht" Collective
Liersche Moderne Photographie Cross-reference
Liesens Person (Male)
Lieven, A. (Maison) Firm
Lievens, Gustave Person (Male)
Lievens, Modeste Person (Male)
Liévin Soeurs Partnership (female)
Liévin, A. Person (Male)
Ligue Vélocipédique Belge Collective
Lilot, Ernest Person (Male)
Limbor, Charles Person (Male)
Limbosch, Paul Person (Male)
Limbourg, Henry Person (Male)
Limbourg, Hubert Person (Male)
Limburg, Henri Person (Male)
Limmelyn, Alexandre Person (Male)
Linden Person (Male)
Linden, Louis Person (Male)
Linnig & Lagye Partnership
Linnig (- Quveliers), Egide Person (Male)
Linnig, Benjamin Emmanuel Person (Male)
Linnig, Jan Jozef Person (Male)
Linskens, Gérard Person (Male)
Linskens, [G.] & Gräfe, [A.] Partnership
Linster Person (Male)
Lints & Janssens Partnership
Lints, Alphonse Person (Male)
Lion, Léopold Person (Male)
Lionclet Cross-reference
Liorel, Jules (& Cie) Person (Male)
Lippens - de Kerchove, Hippolyte Person (Male)
Lippens - De Pauw, Charles Person (Male)
Lippens, Polydore Person (Male)
Lisein, Ulysse Person (Male)
Lismond, V. Person (Male)
Lison, Félix Person (Male)
Livemont, Privat Person (Male)
Lizen, J. Person (Male)
Lloyd, E. (General) Person (Male)
Lobet, Léon (Fils) Person (Male)
Loder-Symonds, Frederick Cleave (Captain) Person (Male)
Lodewijckx, Joannes Person (Male)
Loenis, Jean Mathieu Person (Male)
Lohest, Max Person (Male)
Lohest, Maximilien Person (Male)
Lohest, Paul Person (Male)
Loicq, Albert Person (Male)
Loicq, Léon Person (Male)
Loiseau, Emile Person (Male)
Loiseau, Oscar Person (Male)
Loleil (or Loreil) Cross-reference
Loneu, J. Person (Male)
Longard, Hans or Jean Person (Male)
Longly - Bourgeois, Alfred Person (Male)
Longtain, Victor Person (Male)
Longueville, Louis Person (Male)
Longuich, G. & Cie Firm
Lonhienne, Edmond Person (Male)
Lonnia, Alphonse Person (Male)
Lonthie, René Person (Male)
Loodts, Fernand Person (Male)
Loones, Charles Person (Male)
Loones, Charles D. (& De Wilde, [C.]) Person (Male)
Loonus, Hector (Dr) Person (Male)
Loor - Heuschling, Edmond Person (Male)
Loos & Henry Partnership
Loosen, M. Person (Male)
Loots Person (Male)
Loozen, Prosper Person (Male)
Loquet, Armand Person (Male)
Loreil Cross-reference
Lorent, M. Person (Male)
Lorenzo, François Person (Male)
Loridan, Albert Person (Male)
Loridon, Ernest Person (Male)
Lories, J. Person (Male)
Loroue, Maurice Person (Male)
Lorquet, A. Person (Male)
Lorsont, J.B.A. Person (Male)
Lorthioir, Jules Person (Male)
Losseau, Léon [1] Person (Male)
Losseau, Léon [2] Person (Male)
Losson, Emmanuel Person (Male)
Loth, Ernest Person (Male)
Louckx, Henri Cross-reference
Louckx, Polydore Person (Male)
Louis Cross-reference
Louis (- Figot), Emile Person (Male)
Louis, François Person (Male)
Louis, M. Person (Male)
Loulliet, O. (Mlle) Person (Female)
Loup, Emmanuel Person (Male)
Lourtie, Julia (Madame) Person (Female)
Lousberg, Ed. Person (Male)
Loutre - Sel, Théophile Person (Male)
Louvois, Adrien Person (Male)
Lovens, Ignace Person (Male)
Lucas, Désiré-Joseph (S.J.) Person (Male)
Lucassen - Lenders, Gradus Person (Male)
Ludwig, Charles Person (Male)
Ludwigs Cross-reference
Luffin, Léopold Person (Male)
Luili, Louis Person (Male)
Lunden, Albéric Person (Male)
Lunden, Léopold (Baron) Person (Male)
Lurson, Ernest Person (Male)
Lutken, Paul Person (Male)
Lux (or Photo-Lux or Photographie Lux) Firm
Lux Nova Cross-reference
Luycks, Ed. Person (Male)
Luyckx, Théodore Person (Male)
Luyssen, Charles Person (Male)
Lückefett, Willem Person (Male)
Lüders (- Loffet), Werner Person (Male)
Lyon - Claesen, Edgard Person (Male)
M.H.N. Cross-reference
Maassen, Félix Person (Male)
Mabille, Fernand Person (Male)
Mac Caw, Stevenson & Orr Ltd Firm
Macaire, Gustave Person (Male)
Macaux, L. Person (Male)
Machiels, Auguste Person (Male)
Mackel Person (Male)
MacNicol, Guillaume Person (Male)
Macque Person (Male)
Maege, Octave Person (Male)
Maelstaf, Marcel Person (Male)
Maere, Joseph Person (Male)
Maertens, Julien Person (Male)
Maertens, René Person (Male)
Maes Person (Male)
Maes (- Lecat), Richard Person (Male)
Maes Frères Partnership
Maes, Adolphe Person (Male)
Maes, Albert Person (Male)
Maes, Emile Person (Male)
Maes, F. Person (Male)
Maes, G. Person (Male)
Maes, J. [1] Person (Male)
Maes, J. [2] Person (Male)
Maes, Joseph Person (Male)
Maes, Louis Person (Male)
Maes, V. Person (Male)
Maes, [Joseph] & Michaux Partnership
Mage, Gabriel Person (Male)
Magis, Edouard Person (Male)
Magis, Georges Person (Male)
Magis, Louise Person (Female)
Maglinse, Henri Person (Male)
Magnien, Charlemagne Person (Male)
Magotteaux, Jules Person (Male)
Mahaux, Camille Person (Male)
Mahieu, Adolphe Person (Male)
Mahieu, Charles Person (Male)
Mahieu, M. Person (Male)
Mahieu, Philippe Person (Male)
Mahy, E. Person (Male)
Mahy, Edouard Person (Male)
Maibücher, Charles Person (Male)
Maillart Person (Male)
Maingie Person (Male)
Mair, Albert Person (Male)
Maison Anglaise Cross-reference
Maison des Sept Artistes Photographes Cross-reference
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